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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-07-02 |
Set in the midst of the concrete jungle of Rio de Janeiro lies a real jungle -- wilder, hotter and steamier than any tropical forest on the planet. It is Tijucia National Park, and Alexander Pictures latest quadruple-X porn flick, Jungle Cruisers exposes what really goes on in this green oasis of sex and nature!
We are warned at the beginning of the film that there are frequent police controls in Tijucia National Park. If the police guards are as sexually curious and uninhibited as porn superstar Bruno Loronha eventually becums, the impromptu orgies will go on for millenia to cum!

What an incredibly beautiful jungle it is! Not just the verdant greenery -- also the chocolate-colored muscle-macho Pero Boteino who stands beating his enormous meat -- hungry for company from any one of the bazillion Brazilian boys lurking behind the tangled mass of trees! Sun-kissed blonde beauty Pero Coresma ends up being the lucky bottom. First, theyre joined in their cliffside jungle nook by Latin super-beauty Denis Torres, who constantly keeps a vigilant eye, even as he gets power-blown by the blonde Brazilian studmuffin. After swallowing and choking on his dark tops human anaconda, Pero Coresma squirms his eager ass up and down the entire length of Pero Boteinos impressive donkey-dick. After the black beauty awards his bottom with a juicy load of cum, he runs away into the jungle leaving blondie and the Latin supermodel to deposit their sweaty loads all over the jungle brush!

In another area of the sex jungle lurks tattooed sex god Darrien Leon, eager for a chance encounter. Hes absolutely adorable in his low-rise shorts that get shucked off faster than his tongue enveloping porn star Andre Castros giant jungle spear! Andre prepares Darriens ass for fucking by rimming and licking his sweet cheeks. Once again, Bruno Loronha -- the sexy cop -- watches on, but does nothing but lust after the two jungle animals as he, too, grabs for his own giant schlong. The wind starts to pick up giving a much-needed breeze to the animal-heat of the impromptu tryst. Darrien gets pounded against the tree as parrots squawk to the moans of the sexy-lipped bottom. They becum a side-show as we see their fuck scene being admired by other hunks hiding in the green forest. At the end, they nearly hyperventilate when a lucky jungle leaf gets a white creamy coating.

Being the hottest guard to ever grace Tijucia jungle, Bruno Loronha is tortured. His horniness is only outweighed by his reluctance to approach the mini-orgies sprouting up all over his jungle paradise. This time he chances upon a raunchy sex scene already in progress. If you like inked, smooth skin on brown beautiful boys, Andre Mello and Rafael Lucio will make your boner stiffer than a tropical tree. Exclusive porno star Ramon Mendez jacks his giant jungle jackhammer a few meters away until he is beckoned over by the two new lovers. The dark, tattooed top readies the bossa-nova bottom with his own saliva, then pounds the fuck out of Rafaels perfect ass with the giant girth of his impossibly-sized cock. Then scene-stealing, super-brazilian Ramon Mendez gets his turn to rump pump the super-attractive Rafael. The two tops explode all over their faced-down ass-man then scurry away, leaving our Rafael alone to add to the growing pile of spewed cum-juice covering the jungle floor.

Tijucia National Park, the Jungle of Giant Cocks becums alive again when Herculean Gomez Aguilar meets hungry-assed, sweet-faced, Hernando Romano. The slow-fucking seems to last for hours, even while other curious jungle boys lurk and watch -- including the lip-licking, horny guard. The brazilian stallion Gomez pumps away at his bottomless bottom until his black man-anaconda burst its fountain, drenching Hernandos cafe-colored, model-perfect backside! They part as quickly as they meet... only to bump into other jungle ass-ventures!

Biker boy Antonio Bello and fresh-faced newbie Samuel Jacques are just beginning their suck session when the viewer discovers our sexy Brazilians behind the bushes. Evidently pretty-boy Samuel is as talented in taking cock down his throat as he is at filling his amazonian ass with delicious dongs. The exotically-inked top crams his friends cheek-hole and then sprays him with a cum bath all over his glistening abs. The sweet-talking latino twinks final make-out session is interrupted, however, by the big-sticked guard. The run-away top isnt as lucky as the dreamy bottom, who takes it up the butt big-time in every imaginable angle! Horny Jungle Guard Bruno Loronha finally gets his jungle dream cum true as he demeans his captive wild-caught animal with a greasy fucking session and a second creaming. He at least allows his bottom-boy to eject his own sweet load before he humiliates his captor by making him run away stark naked!
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