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♺ Hot Wired (Falcon Pac 125)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-09-30 |

Featuring previously unseen footage, this Falcon Studios entry offers some of the prolific studio's biggest stars in some of its year's hottest scenes. A word of advice though: Get the Director's Cut (unless fisting and enemas make you squirm); the retail version is frustratingly heavily edited. Kevin Williams, the popular blonde who makes more comebacks than Shirley MacLaine, is the "host", smiling at the camera and telling us that these four scenes were created by customer requests (from our e-mails and letters). He looks great, and fans will eat him up. So far, so good.

Depending on how you look at it (or which version of the film you get), you'll either go gaga for Hot Wired (the cast and the sex are all amazing) or you'll feel ripped off and pissed. The sex scenes themselves really fucking cook; some other stuff that we'll get to in a minute may give you pause.

Ok, the sex:
The opening scene of Mike and Jake's "raping" of Brennan in a bathroom got me hard right away (although Mike should keep his mouth shut; his "dirty talk" is laughable). Next we get Tom and Kevin, whose outdoor jacuzzi scene is easily one of the year's best. Tom is a god when it comes to fucking; his honest-to-god 10" pole is amazing, and he takes command of the screen without overpowering it. He's near-perfect, and Kevin squeals with such delight that I don't think he was "acting." Especially when squirting an aquarium-amount of water out of his perfectly pink tushy hole.

Bald-headed muscle pig Addison's scene with Johnny Rider (who had an incredible "hurt puppy/take it out it hurts" shocked look on his face the whole time) showcases an astonishing bit of extreme assplay (though the scene is cut way too short in the retail version); and lastly, Gregor's fantasy scene with Brennan is fab, filled with muscle worshipping and foreskin play. In fact, Gregor is so perfectly sculpted and gorgeous a human being he almost looks fake here.

Now the problem:
The retail (edited) version of this film plays like nothing more than a damn infomercial for Falcon and their website. Scene after scene of what Falcon refers to as "controversial" footage blacks out just as it's getting good (the hardcore dildo, buttplug and fisting stuff is available for legal reasons by mail-order only). So why bother putting it in here in the first place??? I can understand the occasional "tease scene", but four edited sequences in 69 minutes is too much. (The editing is weak too, a bit of a surprise coming from a director as fastidious about his film's looks as Rutherford). The remaining 20 minutes are of trailers for previously released Falcon flicks.

So let's recap, shall we class? The sex here is fucking amazing (some of the year's best, really), that's why it's getting 3.5 stars; the retail version's short running time nearly wreck it. Just wanted you to know, so basically it's your call. But for fans of Tom Chase it's an absolute must-own regardless. Do yourself a favor: spend the extra bucks and get the Director's Cut. In this case it's worth it.

-- Keeneye Reeves

1999, 87 min

A.K.A.: Hot Wired: Viewers' Choice

Country:  US

Studio :  Falcon Studios

Cast:  Mike Branson, Kevin Williams, Tom Chase, Gregor Yelson, Brennan Foster, Jake Andrews, Johnny Rider, Addison Scott

Director:  John Rutherford
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