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Jozef Koranda Pack

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DescriptionA compilation of the session stills, erotic solo, massage videos and also an image collection. If you enjoyed these, please share some very much seed points? I have more videos to share yet! ;) Thank you!

Jozef is 18 years old and lives in Bystrice. He is currently unemployed and loves partying and playing football. He is a really handsome guy, with a fantastic smile. He takes his time getting naked, making sure we see each part of his body in turn. He has an excellent build, his chest looking good as he poses. As he slides his jeans down, he reveals his manhood in its flaccid state, surrounded by silky pubes. He slowly turns around  to reveal a tight ass, the crack covered in more of that silky hair. Before long, he reveals his manhood in all its glory, with an incredibly hard erection. He flops onto his back and raises his legs to give us a show of his ass again, this time with the hole fully exposed. A fantastic shoot, prior to the preview of his erotic solo session.

Jozef returns after his photo session and starts off by opening his top, showing a taut chest and attractive happy trail. He slowly caresses his chest as he looks into the camera. He gropes himself while moving his toned body. He slowly unzips his jeans and gently slides them down. His incredible appendage flops into view, then quickly hardens fully,  surrounded by a full, dark bush. He reaches out to a metal change next to him and wraps it around his cock delicately. Jozef's cock stays rock hard as he gyrates, and caresses his body with his hands. He turns around to show us his cheeks, firm and well rounded. He exposes himself to give us an even better view of his orifice. Jozef then sits down and slips off his shoes and then his jeans, with his hands continuing to rub himself. Fully erect the whole time, he very gently starts to stroke his manhood. He proceeds to caress his nipples, which also become hard. He pushes his stiffie upwards and toward the camera so we can better appreciate all his qualities. He raises his legs upwards, almost over his head, to exposes his hole for us to see. Building up to a crescendo, Jozef  lays back down and starts pleasuring himself to the point of no return, exploding onto his abdomen. He then shows us his magnificent body in the shower, as he cleans himself off.

Jozef is a handsome young lad, with an excellent body. Having shown promise with his previous videos, we invited him for a massage session. He strips down naked and displays his body with a full turn. He obediently climbs onto the table and waits for his massage. The masseur arrives, and wastes no time getting down to business. Aromatic and sensual oils are applied to this young man's taut muscles. Strong hands knead this lad's muscles all over. The hands descend slowly from the spine, all the way down to the feet. No square inch is left untouched. Hands slip under his towel, to massage the buttocks. Deeply relaxed, there is no resistance as the towel is removed, fully exposing this vulnerable lad.

Lubricant is gently applied and the masseur's thumb gently explores the exposed crack. A vibrator is slowly introduced, and meets resistance, as the gluteal muscles are seen to contract tightly, before gently relaxing back again. He is encouraged to kneel onto the table, to further expose himself by parting his well rounded cheeks. The buttocks are gently rubbed and the masseur then grips onto this lad's magnificently dangling manhood. This is then caressed over and over. This stimulation sees the appendage sprout another couple of inches, and the pumping continues. The vibrating device once again slides through Jozef's butt hole, and with the wanking which is occurring simultaneously, a climax becomes inevitable. This lad's face contorts into a mixture of expression of pleasure and tension, before he spills his seed onto the table. But it isn't over yet... The masseur is relentless and this young man is turned back over and he receives an ongoing caress over his abs, legs and cock. Incredibly, this horny lad's manhood comes back to attention again almost immediately. His breathing becomes quicker and deeper once more, and he helplessly ejaculates again onto his washboard abs. The masseuse then allows the young man to rest, after his two fantastic performances...
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