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LE - LeoAlexander XXL 12" Inch Stud HD Collection

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LeoAlexander 2015-03-23 Debut Versatile Fuck with TomasBrand (720p).mp4    1.13GB
LeoAlexander 2015-03-30 RoccoSteele's Breeding Party Part 3 Leo & MaxSchutler Joins In the Orgy.mp4    625MB

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LeoAlexander 2015-05-08 ZanderCraze Takes All 12 Inches Of Leo Bareback (720p).mp4    1.61MB

1) LeoAlexander 2015-03-23 Debut Versatile Fuck with TomasBrand (720p).mp4
It’s time to see Leo in action: the new exclusive model is here, and everyone at the studio couldn’t be more excited for his first scene! Tomas (one of the sexiest porn stars at work in the industry today) quickly found himself enamored with the fresh meat, and it took little thought to pair the two of them together. And the resulting scene is so hot it’s dripping with raw cum. I have a sweet spot for intergenerational play like this, and Leo and Tomas are just so fucking good looking that it’s made all the better. Leo, if you didn’t know already, is packing 12 inches between his legs, and at 6:37 Tomas sits right down on it and starts riding. The smirk on Leo’s face tells us all that he likes the power dynamic going on… and the look on Tomas’ face at 15:30 tells us that he wants Leo to give it to him harder! But Leo enjoys bottoming too, which is more than evident at 24:50 when you consider the adorable smile on his face as Tomas fucks him raw!

2) LeoAlexander 2015-03-30 RoccoSteele's Breeding Party Part 3 Leo & MaxSchutler Joins In the Orgy.mp4
It’s been years since Max has appeared in a film, so what better way to make a return than at Rocco’s breeding party? Rocco’s gathering aside from him and Max currently consists of Leo, Raul, Joey, Zander, Max, and Craig. Max has his sights set on Rocco from the onset: around 3:20 he starts sucking on Rocco’s 10 inches of thick daddy meat. And a note on Joey: this guy has bulked up quite a bit, and with his increased muscle mass so too has his sex drive blown up. Zander gets him started by swallowing his uncut cock, and for a while Joey gives into his submissive side by sharing Rocco’s daddy cock with Raul. But be sure to make note of the action around 32:45, as Joey hops from hole to hole: he fucks Craig, moves to Raul, and then back to Craig. Meanwhile, Rocco can’t get enough of Max: Rocco focuses on Max by fucking the returning performer slowly and deeply on his back. Admittedly, it’s hard keeping up with all of the incredible action, and clocking in at over 50 minutes, this is a bareback orgy of astounding quality you do not want to miss out on!

3) LeoAlexander 2015-05-08 ZanderCraze Takes All 12 Inches Of Leo Bareback (720p).mp4
Zander takes all 12 inches of Leo bareback, and you’d think Leo would break him, but Zander loves every minute of it! (This scene starts out with an incredible make-out session, so don’t skip ahead right away if it’s the sucking and fucking you are usually after.) Here’s what’s exceptional about Leo: his sweet, puppy-dog eyes and smile. And then, of course, there’s his smoking body and ridiculous dick. Zander is well aware of this, and it’s why he is enamored with him for the full 38 minutes of the scene. And is Zander intimidated by Leo’s 12 inches? If he is, he certainly doesn’t let it stop him, because he takes the dick bareback and he takes it oh so well. Never before has the word “pounded” been deserved in a porn write-up.

Seeing all that 12 Inches in High Definition Quality!!!!??? @_o Wow......it just doesn't get better than that~~!!!! >____<
Make sure you get his latest scene with Zander......cos well.....it's probably the hottest scene to date~~~ xD
and if you've enjoyed this....remember guys....seedpoints are more than welcome....Thanks!! ;P
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