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[WH] Petr Zuska & Romi Zuska (Real Brothers)

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Description"Brothers Petr and Romi Zuska are relaxing at home. Petr explains that he has a back ache, after a wrestling match. Romi, the ever thoughtful brother, decides to help him relax, taking some oil and rubbing it over Petr's chest. Then Petr leans forward so that Romi can work on his back. Petr then does the same for his brother. Both have very nice bodies that look so good as the oil is smeared on them. Romi then removes his pants so that Petr can work on his legs, and feet. As Petr massages the feet and the legs Romi slips a hand into his underwear to rub himself. Then Petr, noticing that starts to rub Romi through the underwear. He pulls the under down, and off, releasing Romi's cock which is so hard. Petr takes hold of the cock and wanks it. Petr nees to pee though and Romi persuades him to do so into a vase. Petr gets naked and releases a steady flow into the vase. The guys then kneel, face to face and start to grope each other's cocks. They wank them, quickly getting both nice and hard. Romi decides to play a little more, blindfolding his brother, who kneels on the sofa. Romi wanks on Petr's cock and slaps it against his tongue. He takes the cock in his mouth, sucking it. He licks around the cock head and sucks it well, his head bobbing on it. Petr's cock gets so hard as Romi continues to suck and lick it. Romi does such a good job on that cock. He moves Petr to that he is laying back, legs up, with his ass exposed. Romi fingers Petr's tight hole as he sucks on that cock again. Romi reallyworks that hole with his finger as Petr wanks himself to a lovely cumshot. Petr milks his cock dry as his brother continues to finger him. Then Romi kneels over his brother and dumps his own cumshot all over him, to end a great show."
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