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"This parody of Alaskan hunk Levi Johnston, Sarah Palin's almost son-in-law, and his misstep into the world of nude modeling, is a five scene scorcher, directed by Chris Steele for Jet Set Men. A passionate solo jack-off scene by returning porn star legend Mark Dalton leads "Levi" down a path of three duos and one threesome of sizzling sex. "Levi" gets into it with porn superstars like the hot-assed Landon Mycles, Jesse Santana - both of Pizza Boy Gangbang fame – and the irrepressible Brent Corrigan. Mega-hung studs Diesel Washington, Dallas Reeves, and Luke Marcum give those guys their fill of sex. Two "Levi" look-alikes take on the leading role - Casey Monroe as the current Levi and Tommy G. as young Levi, the well-hung stud in his youthful hockey-playing past. Lisa Ann (Who's Nailin' Paylin?) plays Levi's nemesis Serra Paylin, the big-breasted political phenomenon.

Levi's backstage security guard confesses that he posed nude and was on the cover of magazines, doing exactly what they are asking Levi to do. And that it was no big deal. At Levi's insistence, Mark starts stripping, removing his coat, shirt, shoes, pants and tie. He leans his tan, muscular and tattooed body back against the dressing room wall and works his big dick hard in his shorts. Finally, he takes them off, showing his great muscular ass as he jacks off. He bends over, exposing his butt hole to the camera, and keeps on stroking. He's dying to go down on his own dick, but it always stays inconveniently out of reach. Massaging a pec and nipple and then thrusting a bunch of fingers in his mouth, he shoots his load in a long moaning cum shot. Levi, who has sat passively throughout, rubs a hard-on in his pants.

Over in the editor's office at Vanity Flair Magazine, hot-looking editor Dallas Reeves gets rid of all his co-workers except his sexy assistant Luke Marcum, so they can have some time alone. They immediately kiss and undo their clothes. Luke drops to his knees and goes down on his boss's big cock. Dallas loses his shirt and holds Luke's head down on his cock. Dallas' pants are down, and his cock gets thicker and thicker. Luke gets his own dick out of his pants to stroke and gets rid of his shirt, continuing to suck on his boss. Then Dallas lies back on a couch to get his ass serviced. His assistant licks his hole as Dallas jacks off. "Fuck my ass with that tongue," Dallas pleads, and Luke alternates between licking his ass and sucking his dick, while Dallas fingers his own hole.

Dallas gets up, stripping the rest of Luke's clothes off, and they both get down on the floor to 69, Dallas on top now sucking Luke's big dick. He pulls Luke's legs up to eat his ass, oozing saliva into Luke's hole as he does so. Cut to Luke sitting on the couch, condom on his erect penis and Luke easing his ass down on it. He rides him cowboy, holding onto the back of the couch for support, as Dallas rams his cock into him. Luke then gets up and goes over to lean on the desk, so that Dallas can fuck him from the rear, ramming his big throbbing dick into him. "Harder," Luke keeps telling him, "harder!" He jacks off, as Dallas rams him. Then Luke announces that it's his turn now. Dallas obediently leans on the desk, and Luke drives his big cock in. "Who's the boss now?" Luke wants to know. Eventually, Luke shoots his cum on the now kneeling Dallas' chest, and then Dallas spews on Luke as he sits on the couch. They end with a kiss.

After the Vanity Flair shoot has wrapped, Levi finds himself face to face and alone with Brent on an office building balcony. Brent is frankly curious just what this guy has in his pants that make him so special. Levi responds by pulling his dick out and waving it around. Brent goes down on it. Their shirts come off, and as Brent sucks, Levi reaches for his cock. They kiss, and Brent goes back to work on Levi's cock again. Levi now becomes the aggressor, lifting Brent up bodily and setting him down on a nearby air conditioner box to suck on his big dick. Levi is no amateur cocksucker. He oozes his saliva onto Brent's dick and revolves his head and hands around the shaft. "You boys from Alaska know what you're doing down there," Brent moans. They kiss, and Levi goes back to work. Then Brent gets back down on his knees to suck some more on Levi. "Swallow it," he commands. "Want me to fuck that ass?" Levi asks. Standing with one leg up, Brent's hole is revealed and in Levi goes. Brent's as hard as ever. "Tight fucking ass," Levi says as he pushes Brent over on the box to pound him missionary, hard and deep. Brent grabs his feet and opens his ass to him even more. Then Levi pushes Brent's legs over to fuck him on his side, then on his back again, one leg in the air. Finally, Brent jacks off and shoots on himself. Levi pulls out and shoots all over Brent. And they kiss.

In this flashback to Levi's high school hockey days, two jocks are discovered in the locker room. Landon Mycles comes on to Levi sucking on his nipples, and Levi drops his shorts. Landon immediately goes down and deep throats his giant cock. It just gets bigger and bigger as he works on it. Levi grabs Landon's head and pushes it down on his cock for a long sucking session, fucking his mouth and throat. They kiss and then, after Landon drops his shorts, sit side by side on the bench to jack off. Landon goes back down on Levi, his hot asshole to the camera, and sucks some more, saliva dripping from his mouth. "Can't wait to fuck that ass," Levi says as he goes down for a while on Landon. As he sucks, he works some spit and a finger into Landon's butt hole to finger fuck him open at the same time. Tommy turns around, straddling the bench, and Levi fucks him from behind, his big dick easily moving in and out of Landon's ass. They fuck for a long time in this position, and then Landon goes over on his back on the bench, so the camera can see Levi's big dick pounding in and out. Landon at long last shoots while being fucked, and Levi pulls out and leans back on Landon to do the same.

The Playdude shoot is over, and the crew disperses, except for Diesel Washington and Jesse Santana. Levi is already naked and an easy mark. He shows off his nice butt, and Jesse shows his. "There's Levi's Johnson," he observes. Jesse goes down on the now willing Levi and strokes himself as he does so. Diesel jacks himself off watching their action. Diesel's shirt comes off revealing his massive build, so Levi has a go on his huge dick, while Jesse continues on Levi's. It looks like Diesel has his eyes on Levi's ass. Jesse now works on both of their dicks, greedily stuffing both in his mouth a once.

Levi then kneels down so that both he and Jesse can suck on Diesel at one time, passing his huge cock back and forth for a long go 'round. Next Diesel gets both the guys to kneel butt-out on a raised massage table, so that he can go back and forth to eat both their asses at the same time, first Jesse's and then Levi's, "Ok boys, on your backs," orders Diesel. He then sucks both their cocks, back and forth. Cut to Jesse fucking Levi on his side. Diesel joins the fun and fucks Jesse at the same time, making him the lucky dude in the middle. Diesel slams his cock into Jesse which in turn shoves Jesse's cock into Levi all the harder. Next Levi fucks Jesse on his back as Diesel jacks him off. Then Diesel takes over the fucking, pounding the hell out of Jesse as Levi jacks him off. Next, it's Levi's turn to get fucked by Diesel, with Jesse feeding his cock to Levi at the same time. Finally, they all jack off. Jesse cums over Levi from above, Diesel spews cum on Levi's chest and Levi shoots his exceptional load on himself."
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