Jeremy Diesel Pack-540-SD

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DescriptionJeremy Diesel

This offering is what I would describe as FINGER LICKIN'! Jeremy Diesel is definitely one of the yummiest new recruits we've ever had at Active Duty, and as you probably know, that's sayin' something. He came in wearing a pair of black boxer briefs. When Claude leaves, Jeremy gets to plumpening up nice, thick erection for us. I will admit I liked his style of getting his meat to swell up. He has a semi-aggressive rubbing style that's fun to watch. He's not on the bed for very long before getting to his feet and pulling those briefs off.

Quentin & Jeremy (Bareback Flip-Fuck)

Jeremy doesn't have any trouble getting hard once Quentin wraps his mouth around that fat cock. Wow, does Quentin enjoy that thick ol' thang! He bobs real nice and deep for a while. Jeremy, like I said, is certainly not standoffish. He gets right in there and jerks Quentin's dick while enjoying the thorough sucking.

Jeremy Diesel & Ivan (Bareback Flip-Fuck)

Well this one will certainly be an adventure to remember. We have Jeremy, who came on and joined Quentin just recently, and we also have Ivan, who's a brand new recruit (and cute as a button!).After Claude, our man on the front lines, chats the boys up for just a bit, the two strip down, side-by-side on the bed, and ripen up their luscious cocks for our eyes to consume. That dick on Jeremy just won't quit. It's exquisitely shaped and looks so hot being stroked in his masculine hands. Ivan obviously liked it, as he didn't waste much time before leaning over and wrapping his mouth around the throbbing thing.

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