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At 29 years of age now, Samson has added a bit more meat to his already beefy, muscular body.
I have him strip down naked in preparation for today’s annual examination.
Samson stated while I was updating his patient history that he has been experiencing a bit of distress,
a soreness around the area below his scrotum. I tell him that we will address that issue after his normal adult physical examination has been performed.
Samson is a gentle giant. He is a very respectful young man and he is a man of very few words.
To get him to express any emotion is a difficult task however, he is quick to smile when is pleasure is achieved.
So it became my task to examine him completely and bring a smile to his face in the process.
By the way, the gentle giant that I was referring to is his penis and after the initial particulars of the exam was completed,
I took a moment to measure his flaccid penis and recorded it at a very impressive 5 1/2 inches.
The foreskin is covering most of the meatus and as I retract the skin, his penis begins to respond to my touch.
Just through a normal examination process (an uncircumcised requires more examination scrutiny),
Samson becomes fully aroused which, of course, prompts another measurement (erection 9 inches with a circumference of 6 1/2 inches).
I have Samson stand upright to allow that genital examination to continue.
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