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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-07-22 | by unknown |

Year Released: 2007
Director: Seymore Dicks
Studio: Seymore Dicks Production

Cast: Alex Christianson,Devon Shea,Dexter Brooke,Eric McLaren,Jamie Donovan,Matiez Perez,Phoenix Young,Vinny Perez,Zack Randall

Erotic Barebacking Dreams, the second release from Seymore Dicks follows suit with a
bevy of young guys in even hotter action.  More stroking, rimming, sucking & fucking
"only this time" it's all raw!  Adorable Jamie Donovan comes by for a solo scene only
to end up getting much more than he hoped for a sleeping tattooed hottie, Phoenix
Young.  Fast asleep as Jamie begins to service his growing bone, Phoenix embarks on a
load-drenched dreamscape of barebacking proportions!  By his third erotic vision,
Phoenix wakes up to find Jamie still swallowing his throbbing meat which leads to a
thick & savory facial.

The only thing hotter is watching the straight stud return the favor?

Director Seymour tells model Jamie that he's here for a solo, but he needs to keep it
quiet due to his visiting nephew Phoenix sleeping in the other room.  That's enough to
snag Jamie's curiosity and he wants to see a glimpse of the mystery guest.  He finds
cover stud Phoenix sleeping and just has to sneak the sheets down to get a view of his
toned and tanned jock body clad only in a tight pair of Calvin's.  Naughty Jamie is soon
pulling Phoenix's thick meat out to lavish it with his oral skills.  Before we get to see too
much of these two all at once, it's clear Seymour plans to tease by showing just a few
minutes at a time between each of the other scenes.

First is cute blond Devon and his buddy Zack making out and working their tongues in all
the right places.  The boys scoot together, cock to cock to rub as one, as well as
handjobs on each other before taking their rods in their own hands for a creamy torso
coating climax.

Matiez and Vinny get into some face fucking and hole fingering before Vinny slides his
hard cock into Matiez, getting Mat to jack a big load out while getting fucked.  Vin pulls
out right after to add to the cumbath on Mat's belly.  These two come back for another
scene to do it all over again, this time topping each other and fucking the cum back in.

Thin Dexter and the more meaty Alex pump and grind their bodies and 69 before a spit
lubed, flip flop ass pounding session lets loose.  Dex pulls out to shoot his load all over
Alex's abs which comes in handy as jack off lube to fire off his nut.  Dex has a second
pairing, this time with jockstrap wearing Eric, starting off with a 69 session before Dex
spit lubes Eric for a hard driving fuck.  Eric's a loud one, so Dex rips his jock off and stuffs
it in his mouth to muffle his cries.  After the power pounding, Dex blows his load on
Eric's hole and dives his dick back in for more until the camera shows cum oozing out of
Eric's well fucked hole.  Eric pops his load with Dex diving down to suck it up.

It's time to concentrate on Jamie and Phoenix who's now awake and stroking his meat
while Jamie's mouth hovers until it's rewarded with a facial.  Phoenix finally sucks some
cock to return the favor putting on a show for the camera, milking a load out of Jamie
onto his torso to end their all oral encounter.

Pretty good action overall, but some scenes felt incomplete such as the Jamie and
Phoenix or Devon and Zack pairings.

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