selo films - the sins of johnny x

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Year: 1975
Cast: Dave Daniels, Clay Grant, Ty Winslow, Kurt Williams, Richard Locke
Length: 57
Studio: Bijou
Director: Taylor Benson
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Vintage Gay Porn Film - The Sins of Johnny X

"Johnny X's personal ad informs us that he's the epitome of sexual satisfaction! Watch Johnny teach a young man how to fuck like a pro!! Features an excellent underwater segment with two men sucking ass and swallowing cock!!" -- an early press release from Bijou.

This mid 1970's vintage gay porn film, directed by Taylor Benson, is interesting if not terribly erotic. The plot revolves around a hot young man's (Sam) quest for sexual satisfaction. After a series of less-than-thrilling sexual encounters, he answers an ad placed by "Johnny X," who promises physical fulfillment and the keys to perfect sex.

The man also claims to be the epitome of sexual experience, teaching both Sam and a trick the philosophical side of life and the true meaning of transforming lust into frenzied climax.

After a few average sex sessions, like the one with Bob (whom the star met while hitchhiking and shared blowjobs and masturbation with), he and Bob respond to the ad. Just before responding, though, Bob sucks the horny hunk in his house.

With a promise of a fully satisfied sexual being, Bob and Sam get jacked off, side-by-side, by Johnny. Bob swallows dick and soon gets his hole plugged by Johnny, who is laying atop Sam and kissing him. A threeway of oral sex follows.

Later, Sam and Johnny fall into a 69 session. The earlier encounters pale by comparison to the cocksucking and ass-rimming session Sam and Johnny perform under water while in a pool! This beautifully photographed scene is probably the sole reason to view this flick.

Features male types typical of the 1970's and a couple of big dicks.

Originally released by Selo Films.
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