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Big black muscle men with fucking huge thick cocks! Previously with very few seeds in AVI format now posted here as a high quality universally compatible MP4. Almost 2 full hours of black hunks!

"Black Meat White Heat is one of the best examples of interracial, black-on-white sex put onto film in some time. The cast is excellent, the film beautifully shot and produced"
-Gay Chicago Magazine

Hunky, wealthy Cole Ryder has a proposition for every down on his luck, handsome, scantily dressed black man he finds on the street: come and work for me and I'll feed you. Other than the fact that this is slavery-once-removed, somehow he finds no end of muscled, horny men ready to do his bidding. Cole's son, Cameron Marshall, has all the empathy his father lacks (it must skip a generation), even though Cole chastises him about fraternizing with the "help." Meanwhile, Cole of course fucks around with them on the sly every chance he gets.

Aron Ridge, his buff body barely concealed by loose overalls, acts as the main servant in this house of secrets, and his long, luscious dick quickly finds a warm, wet home when Josh Vaughn shows up with a delivery. Aron delivers too, eating out Josh's tight, tiny hole and then putting it to the blond twink in a variety of fuck positions. Every one is astonishing, for the almost unbelievable feat of physics that is making that tiny hole open up for Aron's thick meat.

Cole then unwittingly sets off a hot outdoor three-way with Eddie Diaz, Antonio Milan and Damian Holt, who apparently think the best way to respond to a charge of goofing off is to fuck like there's no tomorrow. Antonio bottoms beautifully for both his buddies, and while one is pounding his ass, the other is either getting his ass eaten or sucking dick. The scene ends with Antonio getting creamed by Eddie and Damian.

Cameron, who has been wandering around like a little lost puppy, stumbles upon the three as they are getting dressed, and they tell him he can probably find his father in the old abandoned mine on the property.

Of course, that's exactly where he is, engaged in his own sizzling three-way with Tiger and Aden Taylor. Cameron catches his hypocritical dad in the act. For Cole, getting fucked by one of his servants while eating out the other one's ass, followed by getting doused by their two loads, doesn't count as fraternizing. Now that Cameron knows the score, he wastes no time seeking out his love, beautiful Jason Tiya. Waking Jason with a kiss (how fairy tale can you get?), Cameron then sets off a mutually beneficial suck session.

Cameron then precariously perches in a tree and spreads his legs wide open so Jason can eat his ass. The big finish offers up a hot versatile fuck, with Jason taking Cameron's cock from behind, and then Cameron bouncing on Jason's big stick. After both dudes spew their loads, they fall asleep together in the sun.

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