FactoryVideo - Oink #2 : Folsom 4-Way

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Year: 2002
Length: 80 min
A.K.A.: Oink 2: Folsom 4-Way
Country:  US
Studio :  Factory Video Productions

Cast:  Tom Braddock, Kevin Daniels, Parker Wells, Nate Bruno, Joe Stack

Director:  Frank Parker, Scott Morris


Throat slammings and gobs of white goo getting launched into gaping mouths pepper this sequel to the grunty original. It's feeding time... soo-eey!


With a title like Oink 2, I expected this film to have more porcine elements. But alas, there were no curly tails, 30-minute orgasms or corkscrew-shaped penises to be found. (Gentlemen - that is a true pig fact you can look up!)

However, there is quite a bit of porking.

Actually, the only vaguely piggish elements in Oink 2 are the use of a sling, and the fact that several of the men end up guzzling man chowder. Aside from that, it's pretty much monkey business as usual. This low-budget sextravaganza throws a few white guys (ranging from bald to bearded) in a makeshift dungeon and lets them do their thing.

And their thing, it turns out, is sex!

There's no dialogue here, just man-on-man action. The film has a very raw, authentic feel to it - more like a bunch of buddies getting together to get it on than a polished, scripted porn film. Though most of the action takes place in group scenes, there's also some one-on-one. Some sub-par camerawork, sketchy editing and lighting lend the film a seedy, unprofessional air which may either excite or annoy you depending on your disposition.

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