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♺ Falcon - FVP197 - Pledgemaster The Hazing, 2 Disc Set

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Scene one

With orders from above, Nash Lawler and his frat bothers prowl the campus. They're on the hunt for some hungry plebes and one by one they spot their prey. First there's Kyler Benz, then Cameron Marshall and Dayton O'Conner -- all are overwhelmed and dragged into the van. Trapped, the frightened plebes are instructed to strip down to their briefs before Nash binds their hands behind their backs. Then the studly bully singles out Cameron and gives him a taste of what's in store for them all. He forces his quarry to suck his salami. The scared kid complies, swallowing Nash's meatpole, his head bobbing up and down the shaft until the amused upperclassman cums all over his face.

Scene two

Under the cloak of darkness, the pledges are ushered into the frat house, Nash and his brother-in-crime, John Magnum take Kyler and Dayton down a darkened stairway until they reach a secret chamber. As part of the initiation rites, the boys are bent over and get their bare asses paddled. The pledgemasters instruct their captives to suck on each other's cock and lick each other's balls. Then Nash takes Dayton and John picks Kyler and the cruel masters have their way slamming their cocks in the boys' mouths and then up their assholes, making them whimper with each forceful thrust. After awhile, the boys are sent out and John and Nash finish each other off, sucking cock until they both climax and cum.

Scene three

TJ Hawke has double duty, breaking in both Jake Woods and Patrick Kennedy. First TJ makes the boys eat out the other's assholes, using spit to make the cracks slick and moist enough to slide a finger inside. Then TJ's playbook has him pulling out his collection of big rubber dildos. He jams the latex poles down their throats and up their asses. He twists the batons in their stretched sphincters, making the boys grimace and gasp. Then he makes them suck his cock. To humiliate them more, TJ commands Patrick to drill Jake while he gets behind to screw his ass, creating a 3-man daisy-chain fuck. Being the big man-in-charge, TJ selects who he fucks and who he sucks off. Ready to blow, the three of them beat themselves off and quickly spooge all over.

Scene four

Pledgemaster Luke Marcum decides to initiate frightened and anxious Cameron Marshall himself. There is something utterly desirable about the young man's fear and discomfort. Luke takes his victim aside and forcefeeds him his thick cock. Cameron sucks down every veiny inch of beautiful meatpole to his lord's satisfaction. Then the taskmaster depants his patsy and pours hot melted wax across his naked backside. The pain is scary but sweet. Cameron gets behind Luke and starts eating out his manhole and knoshing on his dick and balls. Enervated by Cameron's enthusiasm, Luke gobbles up his charge's dick, fingerfucking his hole as he slurps away. Then he piledrives Cameron's ass in a variety of acrobatic positions until they both shoot their wads.

Scene five

Pledgemaster Erik Rhodes readies himself to welcome Derrek Diamond into their fraternity. After questioning his willingness to go the distance, he makes the handsome candidate strip down. He orders Derrek to lick his boots clean, then belts his naked rump with a riding crop. Next he stuffs his thick uncut cock down Derrek's throat, causing the pledge to gag on its girth. But Erik can also be benevolent. He comforts Derrek by sucking his cock and rimming his ass. Erik quickly follows the oral consolation with some swordplay as he impales his little bro with his mighty weapon. The rape is fierce but welcomed and both studs work up a sweat. Only when they both blow their loads do they savor their personal victory, their special bond. They are now brothers in all ways and in a symbolic gesture, Erik welcomes Derrek into their special fellowship by pouring hot melted wax all over his chest.


Extended Scene Edit featuring Erik Rhodes & Derrek Diamond
- Behind The Scenes Video
- Bonus Scenes from The Pledge Masters & New Pledgemaster

2009, approx. 120 min

Country:  US

Studio :  Falcon Studios

Cast:  Erik Rhodes, Derrek Diamond, Nash Lawler, T.J. Hawke, Cameron Marshall, Patrick Kennedy, Jake Woods, Kyler Benz, John Magnum, Dayton O'Connor, Luke Marcum

Director:  John Bruno

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