♺ YMAC - Boys On Film (Larry Bronco 1983)

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Excellent DVD-rip of this classic Larry Bronco movie originally released in 1983 on video and later renamed to Buddies On Film.

Summer is almost over and these seven guys have to get their rocks off before going back to school. The video was, presumably, renamed to Buddies on Film (on the box at least) to please some squeamish distributors and ward of any lurking prosecutors.

Cast: Dirk Caldwell (aka Eric Dahl), Kevin, Jeff, Fletcher,  Scotty, Joel Ross, Nathan Bryce. Directed by Larry Bronco.

Scene 1 - Dirk Caldwell, Kevin
Kevin stops by and helps Dirk Caldwell on the weight bench until Dirk starts looking at Kevin's equipment. They 69 until Jeff calls on the phone. Then they get back to it with Kevin screwing Dirk on the weight bench.

Scene 2 - Jeff, Dirk Caldwell
Now Jeff is doing the weights with Dirk and it is Dirk's turn to plug hole.

Scene 3 - Scotty, Nathan Bryce, Fletcher
Fletcher goes in the bathroom while Nathan is taking a shower. Nathan invites him into the shower but then end up on the floor, an altogether better place for 69ing. Scotty watches them until invited to help. Nathan provides the willing ass to Scotty

Scene 4 - Dirk Caldwell, Joel Ross, Scotty
At night, Dirk, Joel and Scotty head to the beach by the train tracks. They suck each other then head home to jack off together in bed.

Scene 5 - Dirk Caldwell, Joel Ross, Scotty
The next morning Dirk, Joel and Scotty are going at it again. Scotty sucks on Dirk's dick for a while until Scotty leaves. Joel fills in by filling in Dirk's rosebud in the water and besides the pool.

Scene 6 - Dirk Caldwell, Joel Ross, Scotty
Night falls, and the previous trio get naked beside the pool one more time. This time Joel is the polite one, letting Dirk ream his blond ass.
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