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This is a collection of 182 works from this great artist

Born in Miami in 1976, Brian drew and painted often as a young boy.
As his schooling began, the allure of the logic of mathematics lured
him away from the artistic world for a time; however, after a long hiatus
from art during junior and early high school, the enchantment of arithmetic
was finally broken, and he plunged back into painting and drawing, even
dabbling in sculpture. After a brief stint at New World School of the A
rts College, he left to pursue his own artistic path.

To supplement his income during his "struggling artist" phase,
and to keep the creativity flowing, Brian became a professional graphic and web designer, working with a number of advertising firms and completing such projects as art for South Florida radio's Power 96.5 FM and the web site of Star Trek and Star Wars novelist A.C.Crispin. He completed paintings for the South Beach nightclub, Glam Slam, which was owned at the time by recording artist, The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, and did a few private commissions for his family.

Brian experimented for years with oil and acrylic paints, pastels
and pencils, paper and fabrics, but found himself always drawn
back to the simple yet bold look of pencil on canvas. He quickly
discovered his passion was for portraiture and fantasy illustrations,
focusing on nature, spirituality, mythology, erotica, and the medieval.

Brian's rough canvas illustrations are done using
graphite -- ordinary #2 pencils -- on the raw, or rough,
side of gesso-primed canvas. The canvas' teeth makes for a more textured surface than most drawing papers, allowing both a loose sketch style and a tight illustrative style to be applied together. The stark color contrast of the dark pencil on the cream, bone, or off-white canvas (color variations occur between different rolls of canvas) creates a bold, dramatic effect. Colored pencils or other color additions are rarely used as they detract from this effect.

Brian's art has been showcased at conventions across the U.S.,
including Dragon*Con, MegaCon and Yaoi-Con. He has done live
portrait drawings at Renaissance festivals and had illustrations
featured in art galleries and magazine publications.

Brian still resides in South Florida and lives with his partner
of more than 10 years, Andrew, and various four-legged family members.


• Gallery showing at Digital Three "I Spy Cupcakes" Exhibit, 2008,
in Sarasota, FL, benefiting the Salvation Army;

• Original fantasy character illustration, Johan, awarded "BEST WARRIOR" at
the 2005 Dragon*Con Art Show in Atlanta, GA;

• Fanart character illustration, Heero Yuy, featured in
The Guide magazine November 2003 article Yaoi: Redrawing Male Love;

• Gallery showing at Kris Lopez Fine Art Gallery 1st
Year Anniversary Exhibit, 1996, in Homestead, FL;

• Illustrations used for South Florida's Health Crisis Network First
Annual AIDS Awareness Ball, 1996;

• Live portrait illustrations at the Vizcaya Italian
Renaissance Festival in Miami, FL, 1995.

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