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RandyBlue - Johnny Hazzard & Spencer Jones

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Johnny Hazzard and Spencer Jones collide like two jock studs in heat. Both athletic and beautiful, both adorned with ink of intricate design, both walking examples of everything that makes a body beautiful. Johnny lovingly engulfs Spencer's perfect cock with the whole of his mouth, licking here, sucking there, reaching every inch and back again until Spencer is almost on the verge of cumming. But this is just the beginning. Johnny then gives his sexy ass the same treatment, causing Spencer to shudder with delight. And afternoon of blowjobs and rim jobs could be enough for some but when you've got Johnny Hazzard's beautiful ass available for the taking there's not a gay man alive who would say no. It's hard to say who's in charge because at once Spencer is working Johnny's ass like there's no tomorrow and other times it's Johnny who's riding Spencer's cock like it's a prize bull at a rodeo. And from the incredible blow job, rim job and hardcore ass fucking, Spencer Jones shoots his seed all over his smooth tummy.
2012-04-27 16:14:55
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