♺ Mirage (1993)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-12-09 |
director Chi Chi LaRue

Cort Stevens
Daryl Brock
Dean Johnson
Jason Andrews
Johnny Rey
Kirk Jensen
Marco Rossi
Rick Lawrence
Tim Barnett
Tyler Scott

1. Dean Johnson spots Tim Barnett looking so appetizing as he tans himself on the rocks. His muscular torso shines golden in the sunlight almost blinding his hungry admirer. But Dean isn’t deterred and quickly pounces on the sunbathing beauty. They kiss and Tim starts sucking Dean’s stiff prick. Then Dean rims the blond’s tasty hole. All this frenzied activity draws the attention of two other guests — Damien and Tyler Scott — who can’t help but watch the blatant sexual acrobatics and jerk themselves off. Dean starts fucking Tim’s ass to the delight of their captive audience which now includes Johnny Rey who inserts himself between the two spectators and sucks their dicks. Damien and Tyler get worked up watching the lovers at play and getting serviced so well that they blast cum shots all over Johnny; and he quickly shoots his load in response.
2. It's a marathon fuck-fest for Dean Johnson and Tim Barnett who carry on non-stop as night falls. Basking in the glow of a raging bonfire, they work each other over with wild cock-sucking, ass-rimming and butt-fucking action. Dean's white ass practically glows in the evening shade as he pummels his partner's hole like there's no tomorrow. And all Tim can do is relax and take it all in, enjoying every thrust and every jab, knowing his asshole is gladly reddening with continuous friction. And this pained pleasure is worth it all as the fucking rages on until each man blows his load.
3. Mirage's bartender, Marco Rossi, looks busy wiping down the bar and welcoming the new guests. Who'd ever guess the naked bodybuilder's got the sex-starved Johnny Rey down on his knees, out of sight under the bar nursing on his long uncut dick and then eating out his ass? It doesn't matter 'cause these two are drunk with lust. Johnny sucks Marco's pole with skill, his lips clamped tightly around the shaft as his head bobs up and down. He services Marco without coming up for air, enjoying the giant dick from its fat mushroom head down to the cum laden balls which finally spill forth, blasting Johnny in the face. Welcome to the Mirage Resort!
4. After hightailing it to the Mirage for a weekend of rest and relaxation, Daryl Brock finds Rick Lawrence soaking in a shallow pool. The guys check it other out and their mutual attraction is immediate. They slyly dance around each other like two cocks carefully eyeing its challenger, then quickly give in to their passions. Daryl feeds his uncut cock to his new friend and Rick slavishly works his tongue up and down the hot rod and into the fleshy folds of the meaty foreskin. Then Daryl proceeds to eat his ass, licking the tight hole before he starts playing with it, sticking his thumb and a few fingers inside. Wanting some privacy where they can really work up a sweat, they go inside where Daryl sucks and fucks Rick with raw energy. Nothing's gonna stop these two sex-crazed studs until both they shoot their loads.
5. There's no doubt Cort Stevens finds the Mirage Resort a hotbed of steamy man-action. Walking by Jason Andrews' room, he spots the naked blond busy playing with himself. Jason's looking so pretty as he rubs his boner and Cort knows he's lucked into something good, something he just can't pass up. He jumps into action to quickly help Jason out. The two men soon find themselves heavily embroiled in a sex match as they playfully fight for control. Jason sucks Cort's cock, eats out and fingerfucks his asshole, then plugs him with his fat prick in a mind-blowing screwing session neither will ever forget.
6. Daryl Brock and Cort Stevens are poolside enjoying the balmy afternoon as they fret about their roommate Kirk Jensen who's been trying to get over his broken heart. To their surprise and inevitable pleasure Kirk comes out, prepared to drown his misery in the arms of his good buddies. Daryl and Cort treat Ken to a dizzying match of intense dick-sucking, ass-rimming and heavy butt-fucking. All three studs know what it takes to please another man as their tongues, mouths and hands greedily explore and exploit all the sensitive geography on each other's finely muscled bodies. Daryl's engorged cock soon snakes its way mercilessly into Cort's and then Kirk's puckered assholes and he pounds them both hard. He continues fucking until he finally loses his load, followed by Kirk who unloads in hot spurts, leaving him exhausted and forever grateful to his friends.
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