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Eurocreme Rudeboiz Complete 1-20, Directors Cut & Chav Fuckers mp4

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DescriptionEurocreme – Rudeboiz Series 1-20 incl Chav Fuckers & Director’s Cut .mp4

Content Synopsis:  The Rude Boiz film series from Eurocreme always presents a rich display of England’s roughest trade getting dirty in gritty urban London.  The series of Rudeboiz movies are shot by Simon Booth, and features grimy inner city London locations, grainy amateur photography and as for models, well -they are all a bit rough.
If you don't know what a Chav is, you're not from the UK, or you haven't spent extended periods of time there in the last few years. Recently thrown back into the national lexicon, a "Chav" is derogatory slang for youths on the bottom echelons of income. Chavs are lower class, they live in subsidized housing, but more so, there's a certain style attached them. They are usually white. In males, branded sports gear, silver jewelry, and trainers are their get-up of choice. So, cultural lesson over, if you fancy tattooed young English Chavs with care free attitudes, good looks, short-cropped hair, and uncut cocks hanging between their legs (9 out of 10 UK guys are uncircumcised), you CERTAINLY need to check this film out. It is POPULATED with Chavs.

Aaron Burns  Danny Long  Jak Williams  Ashley Ryder 
Kai Cruz  Niall Patrick  Jake Adams  Matt Brooks  Nico James  Carlos Lopez  Danny Starr  Troy Bolton  Kallum Ash Damien Esco  Iago Cristom  Aaron Burns (II)  Zack Hazzard  Grant Joshua  Reece Rogers  Marco Parelli  Jak Williams  Toby James  Kyle Lucas  Billy Bren Will Jamieson  Matt Hughes  Nathan Cox  Brett Carter  Leigh Devine  Adam Conner  Maxx McKenzi  Scott Murphy  Grant Joshua  Kyle O'Shea  Shane Stone  Clayton Kole  Anthony Turner  Anthony Thomas  Sam Barclay  Ethan Thorne  Grant B.  Kyle J.  Leo Southcott  Mikey B.  Will Jamieson  Jamie West  Christopher Crawford  Kirk James  Justin Dean  Steve Spy  Ryder (m)  Chris Edwards  Cat Skilton    Luke Desmond  Jordan R.  Joe Bondi  Justteen  Skylar Blu  Danny T.  Josh Lee  Drew Brody  Lee Well    Mackenzie Cross  Billy Roberts  Marco Strutt  Dylan Parker  J.P. Dubois  Luke Desmond  Luke Pascoe  Dylan Dexter  Drew Brody  Matt Hughes  Kallum Ash  Mark Richards  Troy Bolton  Ben Taylor  Kyle Thomas  Tony Parker  Danny Long  Ashley Ryder  Anthony Thomas
Mark Blakely  James Pringle  Alex Ford  Bruno Flex  Marco Martinez  Alex Matthews  Justin Scott  Andre O'Layton  Marc Wilson  Ryan B.  Gary Hughes  Steven Richards  Dion Phillips  Reece Richards  Andrew Dean  Ben Taylor  Kyle O'Shea  David James  Rick Hunter, Matt Hughes, Luke Desmond, Drew Brody, Steven Prior and many more.

Director:  Simon Booth

Release Dates / Year: 2008-2012

Runtime: 99 mins approx.

Format: mp4

File List:
Rudeboiz Chav Fuckers
Rudeboiz Director’s Cut
Rudeboiz 1
Rudeboiz 2: Dirty Fuckers
Rudeboiz 3: Filthy Chavs
Rudeboiz 4: Spunky Trackies
Rudeboiz 5: Council Trash
Rudeboiz 6: Hung Ladz
Rudeboiz 7: Football Ladz
Rudeboiz 8: Hung Ladz XXL
Rudeboiz 9: Fit Fuckers
Rudeboiz 10: Hung Fuckers
Rudeboiz 11: Spunky Scallies
Rudeboiz 12: Gangbang Ladz
Rudeboiz 13: Hard Ladz
Rudeboiz 14: Arse Splitters
Rudeboiz 15: Spunk Hungry Scallies
Rudeboiz 16: Hung Fit Ladz
Rudeboiz 17: Monster Cocks
Rudeboiz 18: Sweaty Sports Scallies
Rudeboiz 19: Scally Sex Offenders
Rudeboiz 20: Caught on Camera

Keywords: Scally, Chav, XXL, Big Cock, Spunk, Cum, Blowjobs, Oral, Anal, Football Kit, Shorts, Underwear, DP, Orgy, Trackies, Sports kit, Council,

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