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RAW SLUTS features ten young guys, in five different duos, getting into it with each other in hot bareback sex ACTION. These sexy guys go for each other ravenously, sucking dick, rimming asses, fucking bareback and cumming with abandon. Director Michael Paris pokes his camera into five different living spaces to catch and record the non-stop action between these guys. It's all about sex that's as wild as possible.
Martin and Kristian are discovered wrestling with each other as the credits roll, so when they finish, the guys are already well into sex. They kiss and Kristian licks blond Martin's chest and tongues his nipples. Shirts come off and Kristian's dick comes out for Martin to lick and then suck. One by one they get out of their pants and 69. Swan then slips a black dildo up Martin's ass, working it in and out. He fingers his friend's ass to widen it even more and then slides his own dick in on top of the dildo. He fucks him doggie style with the dildo still firmly implanted. Martin drops onto his stomach to continue being fucked with the dildo still lodged in his ass. Kristian spins around and continues to ram his dick into Martin, turned so that he is actually fucking into Martin 'back-ass-ward.' He turns himself around to ram his long dick in and out 'normally.' Kristian finally cums on Martin's ass, but reinserts his dick to keep fucking. Martin then kneels to cum on his partner's dick and licks it up leaving Kristian's dick hard once again.

Nico is licking Ruben's nipples. Ruben gets Nico's shirt off then grabs Nico's dick to go down on him as he lies on the bed. Nico face fucks Ruben who really digs the in and out action of his partner's dick. Nico spreads his butt cheeks to show off his hole and get Ruben to rim him, but you can tell that he really wants to fuck Ruben's butt. Nico gets his chance and fucks Ruben kneeling doggie style, then over the edge of the bed. Ruben raises his butt in the air to provide comfortable access. Nico cums on Ruben's hole and reinserts it to fuck some more. Ruben cums in Nico's mouth as he lies on the bed.

Swan, with a towel wrapped around his waist, comes down ladder-like steps to join Tommy in the bedroom. Sporting tattoos and wild 'rock star' hair, Tommy looks hot. Tommy sucks on Swan's big, dick as he drops his towel. Swan immediately shoves his dick into Tommy, who's now leaning on the stairs. Tommy's hard dick is hangs down between his legs as Swan pounds in and out into his ass. Moving to the bed, Swan fucks Tommy on his back. He cums and drips it on Tommy's hole. He reinserts his cum lubed dick to fuck some more. They kiss. Tommy then cums in Swan's mouth and all over his face. Swan sucks and licks the cum dripping down his front and chest, and they kiss again.

Michael is sitting over George on the bed as they kiss. Jorge takes his shirt off and removes Michael's as well. Michael gets George's dick out of his pants and sucks on it. It's a big thick dick, almost too much to get his mouth around. George pushes his own pants down and off. His too, is more than a mouthful. Jorge pushes Michael's pants off. He's got plenty to be happy about between his legs. He kneels on the bed to get a sucking from Michael. They fuck kneeling on a bench with Jorge on top. They stand, kiss, and then lay on the bed so Michael can jack off as he's getting fucked by George from the rear. Michael ends up cumming both on the bed and himself. George cums on Michael's hole and reinserts it to fuck some more, as they then kiss.

As the last scene starts, Alex is playing with himself in bed, watching hottie Johny from across the room. He pops his big erect dick out so Johny can join him and go down on it. They kiss tenderly. Johny pulls Alex's top off, and Alex goes down on Johny's equally big cock. Working around to lie side by side, they 69. Alex pushes Johny's pants all the way off. He also removes his own. Johny still has his sweatshirt on, but it doesn't interfere with the action. Johny mounts Alex, wearing his sweatshirt, and rides him facing forward, with his own big dick bobbing up and down. He grabs it to jack off as he bounces. Johny moves to fuck Alex on his back as he continues jacking off. Finally Johny's sweatshirt comes off. First Alex cums, then Johny. It ends with a kiss.

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