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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-08-12 |

Description of the Action:
Two leather-type daddies walk along a mountain range, and the next think you know one of them has to take a leak, where else to piss but all over his buddies shirt. Since the piss-top is pierced, the spray goes all over. After his hose is depleted, a quick sucking ensues and a healthy load of cum is spewing all over the bottom's tongue. This is followed by another stream of gold from top, again wetting down the bottom's tank top and pants.
Two boyfriends meet in a public square and go back home where one gives the other a buzzcut with clippers. To make certain all those pesky cut hairs are gone, the barber gives his boyfriend a piss wash, drenching his head in warm juice. The buzzee then returns the favor by giving his barber a log stream of piss right in the mouth - very nasty.
This is followed by some jerking off, and a beautiful facial. But wait, it seems our barber is not finished, as he then gets up and proceeds to shave his boyfriend's head clean. Next, the barber pisses in a large basin, and then jerks off giving bald boy a facial of his own.
In a bike shop, two leather skin-heads feel the call of nature, but with no where to go, they decided to piss on each other right there. Plenty of piss in the mouth action, as they each get their heads thoroughly drenched with hot streams of whiz. One of the gets get worked up and jerks off, and they follow this by pissing on each other simultaneously making their pants and shirts a dripping mess. Then the second guy jerks off, making certain they are both covered in piss and cum. More pissing ensues, making this the absolute wettest scene we have seen in quite some time.
Just when you thing these guys are spent, it's time for a little bareback fucking, and one of the skin head's rims the other's furry ass, and then shoves his fat raw cock in. He then pulls out, and proceeds the give that hairy hole a nice piss wash.
Four buddies are hanging out looking at some porn magazines, as soon as they see some watersports action they're inspired to get wet themselves, and a 4-way piss party ensues. Some awesome piss in the mouth action, followed by some fucking, cum eating, and pissing while getting fisted.

Title: Messed up
Studio: EB Video

Resolution of the video: 480 x 260
Codec: RMVB
Runtime: 1:25:39
Size: 280 MB
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