♺ The Punishment of Gary Wilde

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Gary Wilde was one of the more popular porn stars in the mid-to-late 70s. He made very few movies, but he posed for many nude photo sets that appeared in most of the gay porn magazines of the time. In the years since his heyday, he�s become quite a huge cult figure among porn aficionados. He�s often seen as a symbol of queer rebellion, a kind of Che Guevara or one person Baader Meinhof of gay porn. The main reason for Gary�s outlaw status is surely a legendary film he made in the late 70s called The Punishment of Gary Wilde. There are ongoing debates as to whether this film was actually released and then quickly withdrawn or never released at all. It was believed for many years to have been destroyed in a fire. In any case, rumors swirled around the lost film for decades. What was it? Why was it so controversial? What it is or rather shows is a very woozy Wilde being attacked, tied up, and abused/raped by a couple of cowboyish men in what appears to be the locker room of a gay bath house. What surely kept the film from public view and makes it unique is that Gary Wilde is so unbelievably fucked up on downers throughout the sex scene that the film transcends the porn context and enters some strange other genre, partly a rather disturbing variation on those prank videos that people shoot of their embarrassingly drunk buddies, and partly the kind of thing you might find in a particularly creepy sex researcher�s archive. Is it sexy? It depends on where your fantasies lead you. Is it disturbing? Well, even though Wilde presumably agreed to participate and walked away to make further porns, the film does have something of a snuff movie in progress feeling, although the tension has more to do with the possibility that Wilde could OD any second than suffer some fatal injury. Also, whether by chance or calculation, the film has the most bizarre and incongruous soundtrack of someone noodling on a Casio that you can imagine, which contributes to the overall impression that you're watching something akin to some hapless teenager being brutally hazed in the bathroom of a roller rink.

They also show a hot tanned man playing and masturbating for the last 20 minutes for some reason.

Seed Bonus is greatly appreciated if at all possible.

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