♺ DirtyTony - Tyler Griz & Caleb Colton

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-12-30 |
That cocksucking looked so yummy, Caleb wants some for himself. He starts slurping and choking on Tyler’s stiff pink cock. As he’s getting his cock sucked, Tyler starts to play with Caleb’s hole. As the tickling gets more intense, Caleb gets on all fours so Tyler can give him a good ass licking. Once Caleb’s hole is covered in spit, Tyler slides up behind him, ready to shove a stiff dick in him. Caleb moans as the pressure of Tyler’s cock against his prostate makes him see stars. Caleb wants to see who’s giving him a pounding, so he flips onto his back. Tyler goes right back in and starts slamming his hips against Caleb’s ass cheeks. Tyler doesn’t want to do all the work and tells Caleb to ride him. With Tyler on his back, Caleb slides slowly down onto the impaler. As he gets used to his ass being stretched, his tempo increases. A final makeout session with Caleb on top has Tyler ready to unload. Caleb rolls onto his back with his lips stretched wide open as several white ropes of delicious cum spray into his mouth. He greedily sucks the last few drops from the end of Tyler’s engorged member as the two pant in complete satisfaction.

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