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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-11-10 |
Long and hot multi bout wrestling and muscle worship match from Can-Am's Supermatch 13 featuring Brody vs Dolph. Dolph enters the ring in blue trunks and is a hot as hell Russian muscle stud. Upon seeing his smaller opponent Brody, he taunts "are you even a man" as he peeks inside Brody's trunks. The match starts with Dolph showing his power, and a series of long, hot bearhugs eventually give the first round to the Russian hunk. But Brody is a fiesty and cocky little spitfire, and soon begins dominating. Brody's not above playing dirty either, as he reaches into big Dolph's trunks to grab a fistful of balls. Brody stays in control for quite awhile and gets his submission upset on the big guy. But Dolph bounces back in the final round, defeating Brody in the ring and carrying him off to the oil pit.

The wrestling continues here as the two wrestle for ownership of the other's trunks. Brody manages to strip Dolph first, but once Dolph strips Brody the big guy means business. A final submission on cocky little Brody leads to one insanely hot and erotic muscle worship session, as Dolph commands Brody to feel every inch of him. Dolph's amazing body glistens with oil and sweat as Brody rubs all over Dolph's flexing muscles while rubbing his own dick at the same time. When the sexual tension gets too much, the two both blow big loads. A very hot match that starts in the ring, goes to the oil pit, and ends in a worship/jerkoff session. Over an hour long.
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