GrowlBoys – STRAY – Chapter 5 – Companion Animals - 720p

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Alex looked around the dark basement dungeon. It was surprisingly warm and comfortable, once you got past the feeling of being trapped. He looked over at Eddie, still looking handsome in his beastial form. His eyes were closed, now just pressed black slits on his furry face. Their love making was intense and passionate, and thoroughly exhausting. Being separated even for a day seemed so painful, that when they finally were reunited, all they wanted was to be like one flesh.
Eddie’s chest rose and fell, taking quick, shallow breaths. Every now and then, little twitches or fidgets would happen on his arm or leg. Alex thought he might be dreaming. He watched to try and see if he could tell if it was pleasant or bad. Who knows what Eddie has been through. What he’s seen and experienced before he came to meet him. What this man had done to him. He wished he could step into his dreams, block out all the bad and show him nothing but love.
Instead, he kept guard, sitting beside him, running his hand on his back as he slept, waiting for the man to return.
He wasn’t sure what he’d do. Perhaps he’d rush the door when he came, pushing past him, trying to squeeze through the narrow opening, pulling Eddie behind him. Maybe he’d have to fight him. He tried to game it out in his head, trying to remember how big and strong he seemed.
He felt his fist clench, as if he was ready to punch through the wall at the thought of him. But just as he felt his tension build, he saw the dark eyes of Eddie open up and reflect back at him.
Eddie looked at Alex and nodded meekly.
As the door began to quake and move, Alex pounced forward. He needed to take the man by surprise, knowing he’d never expect an attack of this kind.
The door moved slowly, revealing Hercules large, muscular body little by little. Alex knew he had the physical advantage, but he had to move.
It was all so fast. Alex looked into Hercules eyes as he came close, seeing the handsome man fully for the first time. Eddie was close behind him, running toward the door with him. The two boys split Hercules, moving past him on either side. The man seemed to have no time to react and understand what was happening as they slipped through. And yet, to Alex’s surprise, he felt a tug on the back of his shirt.
His speed was cut short as he was caught in the older man’s grip. It seemed impossible that he could grab him that fast. He looked forward, hoping to see Eddie continue forward, only to see the dark, empty bedroom he’d come through to find their hidden chamber.
Hercules had them both, one caught in either hand.
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