Thunder's Arena Lance Romance vs Mario

CategoryWrestling and Sports
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DescriptionLance Romance and Mario set out to test their bear-hug skills against each other but get distracted. Neither is too impressed with the talent they had witnessed the day before, a day that climaxed with a giant drunkfest the two are still recovering from. Mario is tired of squashing all the gtwinksh the Arena keeps throwing at him, and he eyes Lancefs ripped physique, calculating how worthy an opponent this guy might be. The two trade gibes, sizing each other up, still blearily hung over, taking special note of each otherfs abs and obliques. Big talk turns into an impromptu gut-punching contest. As might be expected of a couple of hotheads like these two, tempers flare, and jabs at the abs just wonft cut it anymore. Mario snatches Mr. Romance up in the boutfs one and only legitimate bear hug, but itfs a doozy. Still reeling a bit after last nightfs Cuervos and Jagermeisters, Mario and Lance then proceed to kick each otherfs ass in a primal ritual of male bonding.
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