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Dragon Media - Dirty Director - Jake Deckard, Brian Davilla, Bronson Gates, Bryan Slater, Colby Keller, Dale Cooper, Shay Michaels

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Description¬ďDirty Director¬Ē (Dragon Media Corporation)

Web: http://www.RayDragonVideo.com
Web: http://www.RayDragon.com

Director: Jake Deckerd ( http://twitter.com/MrJakeDeckard )


Jake Deckard ( http://twitter.com/MrJakeDeckard )
Dale Cooper a.k.a. Ben Bach ( http://daledoesporn.com )
Bronson Gates ( http://smutjunkies.com/updates/?p=9993 )
Colby Keller ( http://bigshoediaries.blogspot.com )
Shay Michaels ( http://twitter.com/shay_michaels )
Brian Davilla ( http://twitter.com/briandavillaxxx )
Bryan Slater ( http://twitter.com/bryanslaterxxx )

I couldn¬ít tell you exactly why Jake Deckard is the ¬ďDirty Director¬Ē of the title. He must be directing some sort of movie, but it¬ís not his main interest. For example, when he comes into the bare room that looks like a burn-out industrial complex and finds model Dale Cooper sitting there, he keeps a camera in his hand, but it¬ís never really in use. When he has Dale, sporting a mustache, lots of tats and a good sense of humor, bend over to show off his ass, it¬ís clearly because he wants inside. Since the other model is ¬ďin the shower,¬Ē Jake takes advantage of having Dale alone. He rims Dale and then makes out with him heavily.

Amazingly, for a movie claiming to be the ¬ďreturn of Jake Deckard,¬Ē he looks exactly like he did the last time I saw him: mammoth, nasty, full of energy, big in all the right places and uniquely sexy. Dale gets the rimming of a lifetime from Jake, who is in no rush and loves giving the guy attention, whether at his ass or licking his feet. Dale exists in a constant state of surprise, never really knowing that trick Jake is going to pull next and it¬ís interesting to watch his reactions to Jake¬ís all-out sexual insanity. When Jake lets Dale suck his dick, Jake rarely takes his eyes off Dale¬ís ass. He has Dale in such thrall, that he¬ís able to make Dale mutter, ¬ďI love you, sir¬Ē and have it be believable. More sucking and rimming later, Jake is poking the head of his cock at Dale¬ís ass, but both clearly want more and that¬ís when Jake finally starts fucking Dale. All niceties are gone (not that there were really any to begin with) as Jake turns into the snarling beast of legend. Dale is a willing, if mouth-agape, participant, doing beautifully when he rides Jake. A third position had Jake doing Dale from behind, but he¬ís in such thrall of Dale¬ís open hairy ass that he stops to rim every chance he gets. They do it standing up and then each guy cums on the others¬í tongue. I hope someone was filming that as it would be a shame to waste such excellent footage.

Dale falls asleep on the bed and in comes another interested party, a tall bearded hottie Colby Keller. He regards Dale as a toy and in one huge movement, jumps on top of him and shoves a sock in his mouth. Dale is powerless against this guy who is hellbent on delighting his ass, even when Director Jake stops to remind them both how to show off good rimming for the camera. Everyone understands and the scene can continue. Jake comes in very close with his camera as Dale’s ass once again gets a severe and very good chewing. Shapely Colby has Dale suck his dick, and Jake gets hard again, playing with his while brandishing the camera. It’s not long until Jake is again part of the scene, sucked by Colby with a masculine and lusty mouth while he’s still getting blown himself.

On cue, another performer joins the action, thick neck-less Shay Michaels. He gives Dale a cock to suck while Colby keeps up hot action on his asshole, meaning Jake can go back to filming duties (always hard and always ready to participate should he feel the need). Dale gets fucked by Colby while Jake goes a-munchin’ in Shay’s beefy ass. The fuck is pretty energetic, with Dale working especially hard, but you don’t think Jake Deckard is going to let anyone steal a scene from him, do you? He plays with Shay heavily until letting Shay join the other two to hold Dale’s legs in place while Colby goes for his grandest anal assault on Dale yet. Dale is fucked in nearly every conceivable position by Colby, with Shay there to watch and hold body parts in place. Dale, crunched in half, cums again, sending it right into his own mouth. Colby uses the same place for his cum and Jake is there to lick up any stray droplets.

Jake still has his hulking bearded pal Shay waiting for some real work, so Jake applies his rimming skills appropriately. It seems the man can never eat enough ass, which is not a complaint because he does it with such thrilling inspiration. He lets Shay blow him a bit and then it¬ís Shay¬ís turn to get nailed by the infamous Jake Deckard. This is initially a tight fit, but Jake soon has his bottom comfortable and warmed to his style. Plus, it doesn¬ít really matter how tight it is because Jake is going to slam in and out as hard as he damn well pleases. In position after position, the bottom belongs to Jake, even taking face-fulls of spit to prove it. Jake fingers Shay, full of helpful ¬ďdirection¬Ē that merely makes it all more comfortable for everyone rather than anything for the camera. The fingering has Shay cumming, but Jake licks it all up. Shay then obligingly hangs around to lick up the contents of Jake¬ís cock.

Jake, camera in hand, welcomes ultra-daddyish Bronson Gates to the set. Bronson is dressed like a truck driver, in a flannel shirt, baseball shirt and ripped T-shirt. Jake loves his beefy body, tattoos and loads of body hair. Bronson has two pillowy white asscheeks that are just Jake’s type. As is his pattern, Jake can’t let a model with an ass he likes go more than a few seconds without inserting his own face into it, and once again, there is no objection to it. When Jake unleashes his dick, Bronson takes to it with definite delight, giving it a pro’s blowing and Jay making a show of filming it. He bends over Bronson so he can start his beloved ass eating, but when it’s time for Bronson to get fucked, it’s chiseled big-dicked Bryan Slater who provides it, coming out of nowhere to hammer Bronson with punishing intent, causing Bronson to roar in glee. Having Jake’s dick to suck on while getting fucked helps quiet him down, but he’s enjoying the fuck too much to stay silent. Jake is full of constant praise for the bottom, and of course the ultimate reward for how well he played with Bryan is to get fucked by the inexhaustible Jake himself. Jake pets him and shushes him like we’re working on a lullaby, not a hardcore porn scene. The best way to do that is to have Bronson blow Bryan while Jake works in the rear. Bryan shoots down Bronson’s gullet and then Jake slips in to lick up any cum still left on the two. Jake patiently waits around, teasing Bronson until he cums too.

Bronson is immediately back for more, with Jake threatening to have his next top literally tear him apart. Bronson helpfully coos and fingers himself until the next topman is ready. Into the action comes Brian Davilla, initially only a dick, no face needed. Yes, it¬ís big and he sinks it into Bronson fully, then pounding the hell out of him as nastily as possible. Between Jake and bald-headed Brian, they force Bronson to beg for everything he¬ís getting, through Brian is more than capable of doing it on his own. This is huge ¬ďbig boys only¬Ē fucking. Yes, even bear daddies are capable of riding and Bronson sits down on Brian¬ís dick to take the whole thing. Watch the sweat pour off these guys as they work so hard here. Brian goes for another round of doggy fucking, even deeper and more penetrating, with Brian reveling in Bronson¬ís sweat. After Brian cums on Bronson¬ís back, Jake throws him a towel and some money and the movie ends right there.
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