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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-02-16 |
Davide - Banker:

Davide is a sexy competitive man who likes a challenge. He wants to get into porn to push his boundaries and test his sexual ability in front of the camera. With his sexy tanned body and lickable arsehole, I’m glad to be the first one to examine whether he can stand the heat of being in the spotlight. Naturally masculine and up for almost everything it was horny inspecting his body in close detail and watching his jerk his proud hard cock to orgasm.

Something about the way Davide presented himself made me think he was more interested in clothes modelling than porn at first. He’s very professional and businesslike in the way he presents himself. But with just a little bit of prodding I get him to reveal just how nasty a sex addict he really is fucking anyone anywhere he can.

Davide was humble when talking about how much sports and physical activity he does. From the second his clothes come off, it’s evident he trains a lot because his body is well toned and defined in a way that makes me want to grope every inch of his hairy manly body. You’ll notice how close I got in to examine his balls because I was imagining what that hot sack would feel like resting on my face.

This is it. He wanted the intense exhibitionist excitement of wanking off on camera without knowing who might be watching him. Davide looks like a tanned worker who has been out in the fields all afternoon and now really needs to empty his bulging balls.

Imran - Unemployed:

It’s not every day you’re able to command a fantastically built naked fitness instructor to do whatever you want with his body. I always thought the only access I’d have was secretly eyeing guys like Imran up in the gym shower. But here he is totally naked under the harsh office lights clambering up on the conference table to give me full access to his big round ass! What’s even better is that he seems dumber than a stick so it shouldn’t be difficult talking him into anything!

Although you’d think a big tough guy like this would be bursting with confidence he’s very nervous. Just listen to the way he rattles off his over-long incomprehensible answers to my question. Through it all only one thing really becomes clear - Nothing with men!

He stalls as long as he can, but once I get Imran’s pants off I go wild poking my camera around every inch of his body. Even though his smarmy stares say he hates it, he wouldn’t work so hard to keep this body if he didn’t want it to be admired.

It takes him a little while to understand what he has to do, but once the muscle covered stud finally gets it his primal instinct takes over. You don’t want to miss this!

Joska - Waiter:

Joska is a horny single straight guy looking for some wild fun before he settles down. The idea of doing anything sexually with a man or having a man look at him sexually disgusts him. This made the audition process a challenge, but he was willing to submit for the chance of screwing hot porn stars. He has a hot body, but what really turned me on about Joska is his nice fully hairy arse. This proud stud can’t understand why anyone would want to look at his muscular hairy rump, but I could spend hours foraging in that forest.

Joska’s limited imagination means that the work he gets will be extremely limited. If only he could get over his pride about being touched by men, I’m sure this well-built man would appreciate the pleasurable attention men can give his body. I bet no woman has ever been able to make him feel the kinds of sensations I could give him.

It’s almost too excruciatingly intimate for Joska obeying me when I order him to pull his foreskin back so I can get a full look at his head. If he wants to be a model he has to get used to the close contact and scrutiny of his body with other men. I draw out his examination longer than necessary just to make him understand that and so I can get a much longer look at that meaty hairy arse of his.

Joska is frustrated that he hasn’t been given a big-titted model to play with yet, but he still grows a very stiff hard on to flash for the camera. Maybe there is a secret exhibitionist in this straight man who just enjoys the pervy sensation of being looked at by a total stranger.

Julius - Student:

Julius likes to act savvy as if he already knows what it’s like in “the business”. But he betrays how naive he is when he enthusiastically claims he’ll do anything sexual (assuming I’m not including anything with men). If he’s not careful someone might take advantage of his good nature and eagerness to please... Be sure to check out how I make him bend over and spread his ass like a horny bitch!

You can see by the way he talks that he thinks of himself as really tough. But I think it takes a real tough man to try anything in sex. That’s the business and that’s what will earn him true respect.

Julius gets big points for being so accommodating. See how he really proves he’s not afraid of the camera or even getting into a “woman’s” position when I ask him.

This isn’t a porn theatre where he can relax and enjoy himself. Julius needs to understand that this is going to be a job and he’ll have to perform on demand or else he won’t get to meet any of the women he wants so desperately to work with.

Marius - Demolition:

Sometimes looks can be deceiving. Looking at Marius you'd think he was a tough bastard who'd rough you up if you talked to him the wrong way. Only once I get him within the confines of my audition room he suddenly turns into a quiet, shy guy who giggles and blushes at the thought of displaying his asshole "like a lady." I have to carefully help this total beginner with his first few steps into the porn business.

It's always difficult to tell when there is a language barrier if the guy is avoiding the question or doesn't understand it. I do my best to push the point through until he gets it. Watch his classic reaction to being told he has to give an ass shot.

Marius gets so nervous about his dick size I think he almost forgets about the dreaded impending ass shot that's required. Tough luck if he's embarrassed or thinks it will make him look G-A-Y. This is porn and I want to see it whether he wants to show it or not.

What a silly modest boy. I wonder if on set he'll blush and cover himself with a towel every time someone walks in the room. I do my best here to encourage him to show it and enjoy flashing what he's got.

Torrent contains all three video clips (Interview, Physical, and Wank), in WMV format, from each of the five models in this set, as well as the complete set of photos from each of their actual auditions. 

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Davide - Wank.wmv: 21.58 MB

Imran - Interview.wmv:  24.66 MB
Imran - Physical.wmv:  25.90 MB
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Joska - Interview.wmv:  34.23 MB
Joska - Physical.wmv:  34.13 MB
Joska - Wank.wmv:  11.24 MB

Julius - Interview.wmv:  25.69 MB
Julius - Physical.wmv:  26.55 MB
Julius - Wank.wmv:  25.70 MB

Marius - Interview.wmv:  23.42 MB
Marius - Physical.wmv:  26.66 MB
Marius - Wank.wmv:  30.36 MB

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