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Starring: Ian McQueen, Daxx Reed, Andy Kirra, J. Scorpion, Lars Svenson, Marcelo Masko, Owen Hawk, Paris, Tristan Mathews, Wylie Todd

Ten oil refinery workers find their labor makes them too horny to control their urges, turning the warehouse into a boner-fide fuck chamber - using oil as lube! Crude is packed with bareback fucking, ass-breeding, and a motor oil enema that you won't be able to forget.

Scene 1
A blue collar, dirty uniformed, smoking Lars Svenson is taking a break from a long day on the rigs and when you are in Alaska away from women there isn’t much to do but work, drink, and jerk off. With plenty of crude oil, there is never a shortage of something greasy to help lube up a thick uncut dick, and what better to do it with a friend or two.

Seems that someone had the same idea as he notices a dick pump and lube were left around. Lars can’t wait to whip out his uncut tool and try out the pump. But he’s not alone for long, as the hot and cocky Owen Hawk walks in and finds his friend having a nice pumping session, instantly causing his cock to be rock hard. Owen leans back, continues to smoke, forcing Lars to inhale the manly aroma and lets Lars suck on his hard meat. Owen bends over and invites Lars’ tongue to invade his sacred hole. After a bit of sucking on Owens dick, both Lars and Owen are ready to do what they really came to do…FUCK!!! Lars prepares Owen’s ass to receiving his throbbing cock by playing and teasing his quivering rectum for a hardcore merciless pounding.

As dirty as Owen Hawk is, he can never be dirty enough. In an astonishing act, Lars takes a funnel and pours motor oil deep into Owen’s hole…filling it up with enough lube to keep his engine run all night. Like an erupting cock full of cum, Owen’s tight ass explodes, spewing the black oil everywhere.

This only makes these guys hornier. As Lars uses the lubed ass for his enjoyment, he pumps Owen until his cock is covered in oil, pushing the liquid deep in Owen’s greedy hole. Lars can only take so much of Owen’s tight ass gripping around his cock before he is ready to shoot his milky cum deep into Owen’s waiting tunnel. This sends Owen over the top shooting load after load of cum all over his muscular chest. With cum and lube dripping out of Owen’s ass these guys prove what good friends are about.

Scene 2
Andy Kirra finds an isolated area and starts stroking his member when young sexy Tristan Mathews enters accidently discovering Andy taking matters into his own hands. Andy knows he can take advantage of his young mouth and ass and eagerly exploits the situation for his own selfish needs. As if Tristan wants nothing more but to be liked and to please his co-worker, he quickly drops to his knees and devours Andy’s rod. While desperately seeking Andy’s approval, Tristan is willing to offer his body uninhibitedly. Andy bends the young boy over, exploring his hairy boy hole with a wet tongue bath. This drives Tristan crazy yearning to take Andy’s dick for the first time. Once the initial pain subsides, Tristan can’t get enough as his ass grips tighter and tighter onto Andy’s dick begging to release his juices into him. The intensity is almost too much for Tristan as he shoots a huge load of jizz all over himself, but that doesn’t slow down Andy as he continues to fuck him. As not sure where he wants his load to be deposited, Andy decides he wants Tristan to taste his seed and shoots his load in his mouth and all over his face. Tristan seems grateful for the very satisfied work and approval he has just performed.

Scene 3
Big, butch, and inked Ian McQueen is all man, and likes his men the same. He is perfectly paired up in an intense scene with Dax Reed, a tattooed pig bottom. Ian falls to his knees and sucks Dax’s unbelievably thick slab of meat. These pigs are no strangers to raunchy fucking. Here is your opportunity to watch as these two studs go at one another. Each guy takes a turn slobbering on one each cock. Dax is in such a state of raw lust he can’t wait and begs for Ian to penetrate him. These guys don’t waste time with foreplay, they go right into fucking. Dax seems at home inside the sling where Ian pounds his dick deep into Dax. With his ass unguarded and unable to refuse this invasion, these two guys fuck intensely. Ian’s balls slap against Dax’s stretching his ass for his surprise toy. He abruptly pulls out his cock and inserts a HUGE BLACK dildo into Dax’s vulnerable hole, pushing him to his limits. Ian’s piercing blue eyes do nothing to hide his pure lust. Just like Owen Hawk, Dax’s hole gets filled with some black motor hole as Ian continues to fuck his ass. Soon both men erupt shooting their cum all over Dax’s torso.

Scene 4
Owen Hawk just can’t get enough and now he wants a big and thick cock to satisfy him. Wylie Todd and his enormous black dick are happy to oblige Owen’s carnivorous desires. Owen works Wylie’s dick for all its worth, sucking, licking, teasing it hoping he will fuck him nice and deep feeding him another load. As he sucks Wylie, Owen is so overtaken with lust and excitement that he shoots a thick load of cum all over himself. But he’s a trooper and doesn’t stop there…he won’t be satisfied until his ass gets the attention its needs. As he submits his hole for penetration, Wylie takes full control, ripping away Owen’s shorts and then shoves his cock inside his awaiting ass. The contrast of shiny dark meat entering a beautiful white ass is almost too sexy to describe. As these two become one, it’s hard to tell who is enjoying this more. While Owen gives Wylie complete ownership of his ass, the men explore more fucking, dildos and finally hit full capacity while stroking their cocks together unleashing another hot round of cum.

Scene 5
In this scene, Dax Reed and J Scorpio don’t mind using Latin stud Marcelo Masko for their own person use. As they take turns feeding him their large still members, it’s as if Marcelo doesn’t know which one to focus on. Luckily Dax solves the problem and starts to suck J Scorpio off while Marcelo sucks him off. These guys are so into one another that they barely notice exotic hottie Paris walking in on them. Not one to be left out, Paris’ ebony meat can use some attention, and Dax and Marcelo take turns feeding these white boys their ebony meat. Soon these guys are in a heated 4 ways with mouths and cocks working nonstop. As if he knows his place within the group, Marcelo gets on his knees and takes all four guys one at time until they pump their loads deep in his ass. Marcelo plays with his hole feeling the fresh hot semen dripping out of his ass.
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