♺ Surge Studio - Oversize Load (1986)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-02-11 |
Cast: Jesse Adams, Franco Gonnella (Matt Christy), Scott O'Hara, Cody Steele, Jason Steele, Steve Taylor, Jeff Turk, Ken Worth, Al Parker (non-sexual)

Director: Al Parker

Length: 80 min

Size: 797.0 MB

Codec: MPEG-1

Resolution: 352x240

Frames/sec: 29.97

Audio: 224 Kbps

This video, even though it's a VHS rip, looks fantastic when played at its original size. Unfortunately that's about 3" by 4". Fullscreen on my 24" HD it looks about like it probably did in an arcade in 1986, which is at least authentic, and really pretty good. Color is good, although there is a slight tendency for a greenish tinge with natural lighting, and an orange tint with artificial, easily adjusted for on playback. The sound is OK. A great thing about this video is that there actually is real sound during the sex scenes, with little or none of the music/dubbing that ruins so many early films for me. And, of course, the guys are great. If you want to see (or remember) how it was, this one should let you take that trip. For me it's a 4/5.

From the promotional material:
Oversize load is the story of a warehouse worker traveling with his trusty dog in his new truck, seeking out truckers. Scott O'Hara encounters Cody Steele, a hot truck driver and a wild sex scene comes about. Next, Scott stops at a truck stop to clean up. While in the truckers' showers, he witnesses a hot scene between two more hot humpy truckers. Jeff Turk and newcomer Franco Gonella.
On the road again Scott and his faithful dog stop at a roadside port-o-potty and encounter a hot blond number, Ken Worth. Directed and produced by Al Parker, and shot on location on the highway, Oversize Load marks a new high for Surge Studio.

From the Gay Erotic Archives (hxxp://films.gayeroticarchives.com/?p=12422):
Sex with truck drivers, on the roads, and in the toilets with Scott O'Hara, Jeff Turk, Jason Steele, and others. This film consists of four gritty episodes and wonderfully captures the spirit of free-wheeling and vivid, titillating sexuality. Scott O'Hara is the star of this film, and after an opening three-way (with Steve Taylor, Jason Steele and Jesse Adams) on a loading dock, the rest of the video features him. O'Hara, a trucker turned on by the turnpike, invites another trucker (Cody Steele) into his van. With his legs thrown over his head, an ecstatic O'Hara licks the tip of his own dick while the man rims his ass and then fucks him. The insatiable O'Hara also fucks a guy (hung and tight-bodied Ken Worth) in a roadside port-a-toilet. The two mutually jerk off and Worth attempts to deep-throat that monster meat of O'Hara's before getting his butt filled as he stands in the stinky toilet.  The last scene takes place in a "Truckers Only" shower room. Here, O'Hara mostly watches and masturbates while watching two big, beefy truckers, Jeff Turk and Franco Gonnella, get it on. O'Hara plays the voyeur in this last segment and bends over to swallow his own meat again. The sound and picture are of excellent quality and the action is well paced, creating a sense of stepping back to the films of Gage and his road trilogy.

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