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Jared has a side business: Hiring himself out to punish deadbeats and collect debts. A local low-life, a

meth dealer, hires him to track down and torture a fellow dealer named Grant Smith, who owes him $3,000.

Jared doesn’t have a photo of the guy, but knows he’s 20-something, muscular and lives on the poor side of

town. Soon he has a guy with that name, matching that description, hooded and gagged in the trunk of his

car. Now the real fun begins.

Exhausted and pliant, Grant is led into a new room and chained on a table, his broad back ready for the

whip. Jared beats him mercilessly. “You have the wrong guy!” Grant screams as the leather cuts into his

flesh. After dozens of vicious blows, Jared removes his victim’s undies, revealing a solid, muscular ass,

almost too good to believe. “You fucking meth-head screw up! Pay your fucking debts on time!” Jared

bellows as he brutally beats that ass.

Jared loves his job. He really lays in with the whip, beating the broad back and perfect ass before him.

“You fucking scum!” Jared bellows as he whips all that muscle. Grant looks amazing, flexing and squirming

on the table, with an ass that only a black man could have: big, high and hard. Now it’s time to take it

up a notch and whip the most sensitive part of the human body: the soles of the feet. “You got the wrong

guy,” Grant mutters, to no avail.

Grant is on his back, arms stretched high, his well-muscled body completely vulnerable. “You got the wrong

guy!” he says as Jared attaches two spring-loaded clamps to his nipples. Grant moans in pain. His fear

turns to panic as Jared wraps his balls with a leather cuff, roped to a pulley in the ceiling. “Pay your

debts!” Jared bellows as he stretches Grant’s ball-sack, then attaches more biting clips to his cock and


Grant is in total agony. Hard plastic clamps dig into his nipples, cock and balls — while his ball-sack is

stretched taut by a rope and pulley. “I’ll pay! I’ll pay!” he screams. But mere money isn’t enough; Grant

must pay in pain. “Are you a man or a meth-head?” Jared asks, telling Grant he can prove his manhood — and

maybe his innocence — by showing his cock still performs. Grant’s massive load of cum is quite impressive,

but not enough to gain his freedom.

With cum still dripping down his abs, Grant Smith — the supposed drug dealer and deadbeat — is chained to

a wall, standing. “You got the wrong Grant Smith,” the young man moans over and over as Jared literally

whips the cum off his muscular stomach. Jared then places his victim in the iron cross — with an extra

bonus. He’ll spend the night suffering alone. Maybe tomorrow Jared will discover his mistake and let him

go, maybe not.

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