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Today I brought together a couple of straight studs that came right out of Oceanside, California. These two studs are in need a serious cash and Rob has agreed to become their bitch for a fuck session that left Rob hurting... literally! Watch as Rob has these two not only play with each other but fuck Rob in a number of positions that will leave you wondering.."How did he do that?"
Gunner made his way from Oceanside today and both He and Adamson hail from either military families or backgrounds that gave them both a comfort zone that made it easy for them to get along. Before long I had these two smoking cigarettes, talking about pussy and trying to find the right porn to drown out the ass they were about to fuck
I made the guys relax, have a beer or cigs, and watch some porn which naturally is a great combination to get a straight guy horny. Before long they were stroking themselves through their clothes and eventually naked as a jaybird with their cocks in full bloom. I asked them to take each other's cock now and begin to stroke each other which they did and tried to make it very uninteresting... meanwhile... their cocks were pulsating hard.
Next I moved up a bit and began to ride these suckers giving them some freedom to have some fun. Both from the Cowgirl position backwards, Rob rode both these boys... switching off each other actually... it was quite a show to watch. Rob was passed around like a football and before long Gunner had him glued shut to his ass grabbing Rob by the hips as he drilled his uncut cock in and out of Rob's ass.
In the end, it was something to see... As first Gunner delivered his load as Rob nursed his cock with his ass and hands going back and forth until he stroked him to a load that left Gunner spent. Next followed Adamson and I sucked this boy like there was no tomorrow and after all that beating he took until now, Adamson had little left in him to fight and gave in rather quickly but exploded a load that was worth the wait.... enjoy!
2015-10-10 11:26:12
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