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DescriptionSeveral clips from the Banana Blog

The Banana Blog » Bareback » “Love” Fucking
As a gay porn blog I admittedly don’t post a ton of amateur fucking clips. I suppose this is because many of them look the same to me. However, there are times when I do come across one that is just amazingly hot to me for whatever reason. This is one of those videos (94.37 MB, 360 × 640, H.264, AAC, 1.47 minutes)

The Banana Blog » Blow Jobs » Getting Off (Twice) At The Massage Parlor
I've come across many different clips that all seem to take place at this massage parlor by who I believe is the same guy. At least the hidden camera setup was the same. The only thing that changes are the men getting the massaged.

I don’t know the exact history of these erotic massage sessions. However, I can surmise from looking at many of the clips that most of these are “straight” men that came in for a massage knowing the end result would be a hand job or blow job.

This clip is one of my favorites. Mainly because the guy on the table is pretty hot, does a little sucking himself, gets his ass played with…oh, and cums twice. (338.82 MB, 640 × 480, H.264, AAC, 7.28 minutes)

The Banana Blog » Bareback » Fucked While He Argues With The Neighbor
Now this may just be a setup from Sketchy Sex, but let’s just suspend belief for a moment. At times doing that makes gay porn soooo much better.

I could see this as some type of fantasy. Imagine, getting fucked while the landlord, pizza delivery guy, etc. were standing just outside your door. All the while, you act like nothing odd is going on behind the door. Granted he/she might see your head bounce backward and forward – but that can be easily explained. I guess. (87.44MB, 854 × 480, H.264, AAC, 2.32 minutes)

The Banana Blog » Xtube » Nail My Boyfriend
So, what type of Valentines Day post does a gay porn blog put up? Well, one of a guy filming his boyfriend getting f*ed by a guy off grindr of course. This is actually a pretty hot video, no cum shot, but hot nonetheless. From zbackroom on Xtube:

“My boyfriend invited this hot stud in Provincetown from Grindr over to fuck me while he filmed. Big dick, perfect abs, a tan line, and dripping wet with sweat.” (113.50 MB, 854 × 480, H.264, AAC, 2.06 minutes)

The Banana Blog » Straight Men » The Unconventional Pairing Makes It Even Hotter
This is one of those clips that I find hot for a lot of reasons. However, the unconventional pairing of the two and the sexual roles I expected each man to take are really the biggest things that augment it’s hotness for me. If I were to only look at a pic of this hot, built, tattooed bi guy with a girlfriend, the first thing that comes to mind wouldn’t be the sex session below – and I love that about it.

Speaking of girlfriend, in the clip the tattooed guy asks the other one if  he “fucks with girls too” and states that he and his girlfriend did threesomes and he’d love to see her sit on the other man’s dick. In general, I wonder what his role is during these threesomes with his gf. Let’s say it’s with a second guy – do both he and his girl take turns sitting on it? Or does he act “straight” and disinterested in dick/the other guy, while all along being more turned on by another man than he lets on?

We’ll never know… :) (137.61 MB, 640 × 480, H.264, AAC, 15.12 minutes)

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