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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-11-12 by unknown |

Hey guys, I have good news for those of you who're depraved enough to be into "brutal" staged Russian youngster rape, all bareback, of course. I stumbled across a long-forgotten folder containing about a dozen or so hot and largely well-acted rape clips that leave little, if anything, to be desired. Since it's not easy to get hold of bareback rape fantasy stuff, you might want to consider snatching some vids from the little series I'll be posting starting today.

All the clips are from �rapesection,� a Russian site which now seems to have been renamed �brutallyfuckedmen.� As you�d expect, the acting in the vids varies somewhat since I imagine it�s not easy to fake an �authentic� rape scenario over the course of a full clip. Some guys are simply better actors than others. You can be sure though that I�m only posting the clips I like because they feature the best action and the most handsome (or least ugly) �victims.�

All clips include �forced� bareback pentration together with physical humiliation, and most, but not vids all end with some sort of cumeating or at least a decent facial.

Please forgive me for not delivering a detailed synopsis for each single vid. Just check the screenshots and you�ll get an impression of what you�re going for. Since the clips don�t have actual titles but are simply numbered on the original site, I made up all the titles myself.

Note: Some of the clips had been posted here on GT before by my colleagues or me, so you might want to check your hard drive or whatever for possible duplicates.

Have fun and don�t go out re-enacting what you�ll be seeing onscreen.

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