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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-12-02 |
Note: This is a larger rip of a previously posted movie.

2003, 90 min

Country:  US

Studio :  All Worlds Video

Cast:  Barrett Long, Jack Ryan, Rocky, Cameron Fox, Danny Rhymes, Raul


"Move over Joe Millionaire, the new bachelor is none other than All Worlds' 12-inch exclusive, Barrett Long! Barrett introduces himself as he talks to the camera about meeting Mr. Right.

He gets a phone call about how to hook up with "the guy of his dreams" through a new reality TV show. Low and behold comes along the eligible candidates for Barrett: Tall, dark and handsome actor/waiter Jack Ryan, Danny Rhymes from Texas, hunky Latino student Rocky, club kid Cameron Fox, and the boy next door Raul. The gentlemen have heard of Barrett�s 12-inch cock and are anxious to see it. Barrett gladly obliges and promises to get to know each one up close and personal.

Barrett first joins Rocky for a drink before dinner. Clad in a tux and popping the cork, the handsome bachelor soon test-drives the hunky Latino's thick uncut cock with his mouth. Rocky helps Barrett out of his tux and begins to suck on Barrett�s hard dick and playing with his thick foreskin and low hanging man-sack. Rocky pumps the 12-inches with his mouth as he looks up with seductive brown eyes. Rocky then reclines on the chaise and starts to seduce Barrett by sucking on his fingers first and teasing his nipples before heading down to rub his manhole. Barrett offers up his cock again as Rocky sucks on it while stroking himself to a creamy climax. Barrett then lies on his back as Rocky takes a seat on the thick throbber and rides it. Rocky turns around and continues to ride Barrett�s prick with Barrett finishing up by dumping his big load all over Rocky's face. Rocky then address the camera and tells us that he thought he did a pretty good job handling the big cock.

Barrett dresses and walks outside only to discover two other guys, Cameron Fox and Raul, having sex in the shower. The two kiss as the water cascades down their muscular bodies. Raul works Cameron�s cock with his mouth under the showerhead. Barrett gets aroused again as he watches the two men. Cameron pulls Raul up to his feet as Raul�s shoots his load on the glass. Cameron pops on a rubber and teases Raul�s ass with his dickhead before invading his love canal. Cameron in return shoots his load on Raul�s chest. The two seal their tryst with a kiss.

Barrett then takes Danny Rhymes to brunch and the two head back to Barrett�s room. Danny hits the head to take a piss as Barrett comes from behind him and starts playing with Danny�s cock. The men undress and Danny chows down on Barrett�s thick meat. He teases the foreskin and balls with his tongue then deep throats the huge cock. Danny turns the Bachelor around and plays with his smooth ass, fingering the tight pucker. The two take it to the bedroom and Barrett offers to gives Danny a back rub, working his hands down to the smooth butt. Barrett teases Danny�s butt hole with his fingers, opening it wide to expose his rose bud. Barrett rubs his dick on the butt crack before popping it in the fuck hole, humping doggy style.

Jack Ryan then comes a-knocking on Barrett�s door for his scheduled date and walks in on Barrett fucking Danny. Barrett invites Jack to join the two and Jack offers up his stiffy for Danny�s mouth. Jack gets on the bed and the two men pass back and forth his pretty pecker and suck. The guys then pull a daisy chain suck with Jack doing Barrett and Dan doing Jack. Mr. Ryan then sticks his tongue in Barrett�s butt to loosen him up for a butt pounding. With his ass full of Jack, Barrett takes a mouthful from Danny. Jack dumps his load on Barrett�s ass as Danny�s shoots on Barrett�s chest. Then both men watch Barrett pump to a high-flying climax.

The final scene brings Barrett making a choice of which bachelor to let go. He let�s go of Danny, but tells Cameron and Raul that he watched them last night and will let them stay if they put on a show for the group. The two agree and go for Barrett�s boner. Jack and Rocky get heated and begin their own show as Rocky sucks off Jack. The group melts into one as stiff cocks are sucked on. Raul becomes a greedy piggy and works down the line on all the pricks with Rocky joining him. Jack pokes Rocky�s butt and Cameron pumps his pud in Raul, before Raul gives it to Rocky with Jack right behind him in a three-way fuck. Cameron takes aim at Barrett and fucks his ass doggy style. The five lie side by side and work their joints to climax.

The men ask Barrett for his decision but Barrett can�t decide, so he invites America to vote for whom they would like to see Barrett hook up with.

Fun, sexy and hot, reality TV was never this real... or this good!"
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