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Felix Webster & Zac Todd Pack (aka Debt Dandy 22 & Czech Hunter 80)

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364MB Staxus - FelixWebster 2012-02-08 DebtDandy22 aka Brad aka MarioRicci.mp4
363MB Staxus - FelixWebster 2012-07-16 EastBoys - Brad's Handjob 01 Body Worship.avi
498MB Staxus - FelixWebster 2012-07-16 EastBoys - Brad's Handjob 02 CumShot.avi
463MB Staxus - FelixWebster 2012-07-22 EastBoys - Brad's More Exclusive Handjobs in the Rain.avi
091MB Staxus - FelixWebster 2012-07-23 EastBoys - Brad's Outtakes.avi
290MB Staxus - FelixWebster 2012-07-24 EastBoys - Playing in Bed with His Huge Balls.wmv
431MB Staxus - FelixWebster 2012-10-06 BarebackEscortBoys with BradFitt.mp4
333MB Staxus - FelixWebster 2012-12-16 As Cute As They Cum with RudyValentino.mp4
135MB Staxus - FelixWebster 2013-01-29 BelAmi as MarioRicci with KevinAteah.mp4
480MB Staxus - FelixWebster 2013-04-06 Tops MilanSharp.mp4
396MB Staxus - FelixWebster 2013-04-18 Threeway with SkylarBlu & Xander Hollis.mp4
442MB Staxus - FelixWebster 2013-04-28 Piano Practice with XanderHollis.mp4
358MB Staxus - FelixWebster 2013-06-08 SkinOnSkin - Table Tennis Fuck (MarioRicci & LeeFox Tag LukasPribyl).mp4
709MB Staxus - FelixWebster 2013-12-13 Measured and Fucked with ZacTodd.mp4
428MB Staxus - FelixWebster 2014-01-30 Threesome with TroyStevenson & WillSims.mp4
782MB Staxus - ZacTodd 2013-03-15 CzechHunter80.mp4
422MB Staxus - ZacTodd 2013-07-23 SweetAndRaw with KevinAteah KayKawanah & JustinConway.wmv

As the title suggest, this is a compilation of the Model from EastBoys - Brad
According to the release dates, the DD Scene was his first appearance.
I've named all the files after his most recent porn name from Staxus - FelixWebster,
as that's probably the one you'll recognise him most from......
I only recently discovered they were the same guy...LOL....always thought Felix looked familiar,
but never could put the face to the name Brad from EastBoys!!
And now, I am just as shocked and surprised they have been the same guy all along~~
So Hot, and so worth your time.....especially the handjob scenes.....Just Orgasmic those scenes are!!! Wow~
It sure will make you wanna shoot your load more than once!! I sure did....xDDDD
Hope you all enjoy him~

I included most but not all of his scenes....some I may have missed, or I just didn't find that great....so this is basically my own collection of the model named Brad aka MarioRicci aka FelixWebster!!! >____<
AND Now I also included ZacTodd in this Pack as they did appear together in a scene....and I found his CzechHunter Video....so check it out if you are interested like I am!!! xDD

Get this while you can guys.....it's already got deleted twice now....so I'm sure it will be again soon~~
and Don't forget to seed, comment, and send some bonus seedpoints too....Thanks >_<
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