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Wrestleshack 16-m1-Gabriel Ross vs Lorenzo 'Jake' Lowe

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DescriptionWrestleshack 16-m1-Gabriel Ross vs. Lorenzo 'Jake' Lowe-45_00

Britstud Gabriel Ross has come a long way just to end up in the woods of America.
He's far from his London home once again and all because he couldn't stop thinking about a BG East rookie whose photo he'd been sent: Lorenzo Lowe.
The Boss put the two in contact, and many torrid chatroom visits later they finally get to meet in this bucolic paradise with its real wooden mat-room.
Each of them motivated by pride, lust, and a now very evident chemistry.
Since Lorenzo's debut Gabriel has wondered just how much punishment this smolderingly sexy Latino can take.
And few guys enjoy on-line playful, erotically highly-charged pre-match banter and teasing than does cute young Lorenzo.
So though they're meeting for the first time, they 'know' each other very well. And despite Lorenzo's cocky tough talk, humpy Gabriel Ross is determined to take lovely Lorenzo Lowe to the limit - and in more ways than one!

The tension is both sexual and athletic at once. Gabriel's newly minted muscle makes him a beefy bodybuilder next to Lorenzo's lean rookie physique.
Perhaps brimming with the testosterone that comes from developing such an impressively improved musculature,
Gabriel's promises to "make Lorenzo his bitch" - on the mats and off! Lorenzo will have his hands --and other parts--
full making sure that his own third match for BG East doesn't end up being a squash job at his expense delivered by this sexy Brit muscleboy.

Lorenzo, who prefers his frat nickname 'Jake', has a slight height and reach advantage and Gabriel is 10 pounds heavier so theoretically it's anyone's game to win (or lose).
'Jake' also knows that Gabriel is as 'horny' for him as Jake is for Gabriel, and that either might very well fall prey to the distraction of lust.
Their on-line rivalry certainly generated a lot of cross-Atlantic heat and resulted in many mutually shared and highly charged remote..um...experiences!
Their first face-off promises to raise the temperature even higher! Each wrestler hopes to parlay their mutual heat to his advantage.

They don't need any more trash talk. "You're gonna submit" gets tossed as they go at it the moment their bodies are fully inside the shack.
Within the first two minutes, someone is already submitting. Bouncing back into a lockup, their energy and passion are undeniable, but when one of them submits again at the four minute mark, you can't help but wonder if one of these guys wants to get manhandled just a little too much!

When Jake momentarily ends up on his stomach and Gabriel takes a moment to rub his crotch across Lowe's very curvaceous butt, there's little doubt how Mr. Ross wants this match to end.
The action is fraught with sexual tension as they sweat, tease and toy with each other. When Jake puts his lips to Gabriel's flexed bicep, it seems that this is the moment they've both been waiting for.
Of course, the sweet sensuality of each moment like this doesn't interrupt the competitive nature of these two young wrestlers.
One moment they're laying on top of each other, sensually savoring the feel of the other's manly body, the next they're trying to break each other in half. Both satisfy and entice.

A tight headscissor is relished as much as it is resisted. Even when the sexy hold is released the punished competitor stays right where he is to savor the moment.
Just when it seems the match will be one-sided a sleeper equalizes. One of Gabriel's more innovative moves ends with his big triceps bulging as he orders the leaner man to "Touch," though it's not really an order since Jake gladly complies.
When Jake punches Gabriel's rock-hard chest a few times, he pays dearly for those less than gentle touches.

Suddenly aggressive again, Jake gets a scissors on Gabriel and barks out a few orders of his own.
He can't resist manhandling the rapidly expanding British crown jewels! Jake folds Gabriel in half, sits on his face, gives him a wedgie and delivers a spanking.
Temporarily victorious, Jake exults as both horny fighters gaze into one another's eyes.

One matter on which they both seem to agree is that Gabriel's biceps deserve worship--OFTEN! Jake gets distracted on more than one occasion, letting his hands roam over Gabriel's perfect British musclebody.
These guys arouse each other so much, Jake makes out with Gabriel's orange jockeys when he's trapped under them in a school boy pin! Body worship heaven. The wrestling is getting more and more heated, more and more erotic.

Briefs get rubbed in faces then summarily tossed aside as our horny combatants let desire supercede aggression.
When the sweaty undergear gets stripped it's not surprising that the wrestling takes a more sensuous turn. Wrestling holds morph into languorous caresses.
A submission is rewarded with a lip lock. Jake explores Gabriel's tightly muscled body with his lips, tongue and hands.
Gabriel's heaving muscles aren't the only thing on him that is oversized! Jake shows appropriate appreciation for the Brit's big battle bone.

Jake gives as good as he gets in the battle of the lip locks. Gabriel suddenly decides to prove who's really in charge.
He picks Jake up again and slams him back first down onto the mats. Jake takes a few shots at Gabriel's big chest, but it's what's happening down below that commands his attention!
When Gabriel schoolboys the leaner lad and plants his crotch right on Lorenzo's lips, Jake is compelled to grab his own growing mound.

Throughout this endlessly inventive sex-fight, these men can't keep their lips off each other.
As they kiss, the sweat on Gabriel's big muscles makes him shimmer in the sunlight pouring through the window.
Gabriel enjoys the sensations of Jake's worship, flexing as though not only for Lowe, but also for all the appreciative fans of his powerful new physique.
Gabriel and Jake are both determined to get more than just a win out of this match. By the end, one of these studs breathlessly admits that one has succeeded in making him the other's bitch du jour as they both explode their massive loads.

Gabriel has always had an angelic face, one that grows more handsome and masculine as he matures.
His aggression on the mats has always belied his babyface looks. Many an opponent has been lured into complacency by his sweet looks, sexy body and massive dick only to discover that he's a tough little fucker as well! 'Jake' brings a never-quit attitude and a passion for wrestling along with an alluringly sensual smile that could both excite, incite and melt the most hardened and experienced of opponents. It's a recipe for one of the most exciting exhibitions of sensual and explosive WrestleShack wrestling yet.

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