♺ Steve Sterling Vs Jobber

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-12-19 |
From an old BG Wrestling video, here's Steve Sterling beating the crap out of a handsome, fit young jobber in white trunks.
If you don't know Steve Sterling, he's a very muscular, very aggressive, very "pro" wrestler who always shows lots of aggression and little mercy.  Huge pecs, huge chest, cute nipples, and tree-truck legs.  The only small thing is his narrow waist.  A powerful bodybuilder bombshell!
As always, Steve is a merciless heal tossing his boytoy around the ring, putting him in torturous holds and amplifying the pressure to make the poor guy hurt.  The match lasts 20 minutes, and the other guy never has a chance.  Steve is all testosterone.  This is how wrestling should be!
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