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DescriptionNo one argues against Master Skaret being the big beast in the jungle at his school.  Whoever shows him even the smallest degree of weakness has lost out straight away .  The sadist collects victims like other people collect stamps.  He loves turning his fellow pupils into his slaves, tormenting them and humiliating them.  He shows no mercy in turning them over.

Jonathan is one of Skaret’s victims.  Today is the day when he is supposed to be paying his weekly protection money; €50. As he sneaks into the wood where Skaret is waiting for himh is head is down between his shoulders.    Jonathan has a bad conscience.  This week he hasn’t been able to get together the €50 which is demanded from him and only has a pathetic €11.50 in his pocket.  Will Skaret be content with this contribution and allow him a discount?

Of course not.  Skaret is merciless and cold as ice.  Jonathan really must have known that.  The fact that  he hasn’t got enough money with him and also that he has turned up late means that he is going to have to run a whole gamut of pain and humiliation. Skaret announces his decision -  ‘Now I’m really going to sort you out’  - and whoever knows this Masterboy knows that he is not one to make empty promises.

Skaret seems somehow pleased that he now has a good reason for punishing his victim.  He really enjoys tormenting and humiliating his victim

‘Kiss my feet’.  Jonathan has to start off by showing an appropriate e sign of respect to his fellow pupil.  Once he’s done that he is told to lick the dirt from his master’s dirty  pair of Nikes.  But that isn’t really enough punishment.  Skaret decides that his victim is really going to have to suffer.  Jonathan is given a good kicking and tormented with some nasty trampling.  Skaret demands of his victim, ‘Turn your head to one side so that I can really spit on it’  as he stands on him with all his weight.

Jonathan lies on the woodland floor  as if he is some sort of beetle.  He is told to turn onto his back.  Skaret kneels down on him.  Jonathan’s head is jammed between his master’s thighs. His jeans are hanging over the slave’s chin.

‘Go on, open your mouth up’  Skaret hawks up some snot, mixes it with his spit and spits it all out into Jonathan’s mouth.  He carries on doing this once a minute. While all this is going on, the victim gets some hard slaps to the head.

As his next trick, Skaret sits with all  his  weight on Jonathan’s face. The loser can barely breathe.  Jonathan is made to breathe in all the emissions from his master’s arse ‘Tell me you love that’ demands Skaret with a grin on his face.

The Masterboy lights a cigarette as he savours using the slave’s head as a floor cushion.  He uses his victim’s belly button as an ashtray.  When the cigarette has almost burnt down he says to his floor cushion – Jonathan – ‘I’m going to stub this ciggy out in your bellybutton now’ But that doesn’t mean that Jonathan is on track  to suffer extreme pain.  Skaret is felling merciful and fills the bellybutton with quantities of snot before he stubs the cigarette out there

The brutal oppressor know seeks out a little place on a tree stump.  From this elevated position he first of all gets his victim to lick clean his trainers.  Leading on from that,  Jonathan is allowed to suck the stench out of the trainers and take care of his tormentor’s stockinged feet .  The soles of the white socks are almost black. Doesn’t matter.  Jonathan has to lick the coarse dirt with his tongue, all the time breathing in the extreme steaminess of the socks. Skaret gives a nasty grin – so nasty  that you have to ask yourself, what is dirtier, the socks or Skaret’s laughter?

After the oppressor discards his T shirt , Jonathan is charged with licking the sweat out of Skaret’s shaved armpits.  Then the loser  has to deal with his master’s toes, including the space between the toes.  While all this is going on Jonathan is constantly hit and spat on
Will he ever again  dare turn up on a payday without any money?


M aster Skaret is back  - at last his huge number of fans will say.  In this hot clip, full of action, Master Skaret makes his presence felt from first to last both  physically and verbally.  His victim is  tormented and humiliated without mercy. From minute 12 on there is some extremely long and extremely hot sitting and face sitting action.  When payday comes round, losers should tremble
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