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Paul Canon

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DescriptionPaul 01 - Newbie Paul Canon talks throughout his entire video. No one will mind because he has all the right stuff: looks, body, and personality. And his fine ass? Round, sweet, and lush. It will leave your mouth watering for a taste. This rookie is a keeper!
Size 281MB
Time 19.55
Carter Paul 02 - Newbie Paul Canon returns! He is paired with stud Carter Blane, and learns a few things about satisfying a man. Pay close attention to the end. Paul does a little tasting of a certain bodily fluid. His grin shows we might have someone who enjoys nectar!
Size 288MB
Time 20.26
Max Paul 03 - Paul Canon returns to BSB, and this time he's paired with the delicious Max Flint. Newbie Paul breaks a few boundaries, including sucking dick and having his man hole eaten. Max is a great teacher and hopefully Paul will return to learn more lessons!
Size 309MB
Time 21.56
Paul Max 04 - Paul and Max are paired together again. Except this time, Paul gets to fill Max's sweet ass up. It's a tight fit at first, with Max gritting his teeth. However, Paul's thick tool will not be deprived its prize. When it's over, both boys lose pints of cum!
Size 357MB
Time 25.18
Paul Duncan 05 - Paul Canon takes the ultimate step today. His sweet backside is opened up by Duncan Tyler's long monster. Duncan is a laid back fellow and offers his ass in exchange. Both lads will walk funny for about a week, but their grins will be wide and satisfied!
Size 353MB
Time 25.03
Jason Paul 06 - Jason is back and Paul Canon gives him a raw ride. The two exchange expert blow jobs (both know how to deep throat). Jason then straddles Paul's hard rod, crying and moaning each time his prostate gets hit. Paul keeps striking it until man juice flows! 
Size 272MB
Time 19.20
Paul Flint 07 - Newbie Flint Harris gets his dick wet and pounds Paul Canon! Paul's mouth gets Nick's tool ready with spit. Then Paul gets on his back and Flint pumps away. Paul groans and moans, but Flint only cares about that hot hole. Both boys lose lots of cum!
Size 262MB
Time 18.37
Paul Graham 08 - Graham Brady gives fucking a go, and Paul Canon takes what Graham offers. The horn dogs make out, blowing each other. Paul lubes up his tight hole, and Graham enters. Raw. Paul groans, but takes the pounding like a man. When it ends, both lads are happy!
Size 424MB
Time 18.39
Paul Ian 09 - Paul Canon and Ian Dempsey start, and end, this scene the same way: romantic kissing. In between they suck, rim and fuck each other until Ian's torso is drenched in man milk! Everything about this scene will get you off. It certainly worked for them!
Size 483MB
Time 21.16
Ayden Paul 10 - It finally happened! Enough money made Ayden open up his man hole for a fucking. Paul gets the chance to pop that cherry, and he pops it good. Each stroke is balls deep, and it doesn't matter how much Ayden groans! Ayden will walk funny for a week.
Size 522MB
Time 22.58
Paul Romeo 11 - This hot update starts with Romeo James and Paul Canon kissing. It gets better from there, with dick sucking and Paul taking Romeo's raw dick. Each stroke is balls deep. And the juicy cum shots? You'll faint! Trust us. Don't miss the outtakes at the end!
Size 614MB
Time 27.03
Johnny Paul 12 - It's been too long since Johnny Forza and Paul Canon have done a scene together. In this update, Johnny fucks Paul, raw and deep. When Paul is put on his side, he's pounded like never before. It's like Johnny wants Paul's hole never to forget this moment.
Size 489MB
Time 21.31
Johnny Paul Abel 13 - Abel Conrad returns to be in a three-way with Paul Canon and Johnny Forza. Paul's ass get pierced by both studs. First Johnny takes it, raw. Abel follows. When it cumming time, Johnny busts into Paul's mouth. As for Abel, his seed lands on Paul's buns.
Size 487MB
Time 21.27
Paul Adam 14 - Adam Baer gives Paul Canon the fucking he needs. First they make out. Then lap each other's tools. When it's screwing time, Adam is gentle at first. His thick dick takes some getting used to! Watch for his sloppy load at the end. It covers Paul's hole!
Size 496MB
Time 21.51
Paul Alan 15 - Paul Canon shows Alan North how a dude can suck dick! Alan gets naked and Paul uses his sweet tongue to get Alan hard. Alan pushes Paul's head down, making sure all of his pole gets wet. At the end, Alan shoots a stream of man milk in Paul's mouth.
Size 483MB
Time 21.15
Cage Paul Damian 16 - A threesome for the ages! Cage, Damien, and Paul get it on for this Black Friday Special. Damien's mouth and ass are filled by the two other studs. They stretch out both ends. Paul's juicy booty gets stuffed also, as the meat in a Damien/Cage sandwich.
Size 574MB
Time 25.17

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