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"Footballers" (Studio 2000 International)

Director: Roland Dane


Felix Porter
James Riviera
Julian Vincenzo ( hXXp://groups.yahoo.com/group/JulianVincenzo )
Josh Lovas
Gabor Szeles a.k.a. Rick Bauer ( hXXp://groups.yahoo.com/group/RickBauer )
Gabriel Prince
Dan Johnson
Albert Halmos
Janos Hidvegi

The European love of what Americans call soccer is well known. Through the miracles of porn, the European love of what Americans call sex is also well known. So, director Roland Dane has boiled down these two loves to one essential flick called "Footballers," which speaks to both loves, stacked the deck with a delicious Hungarian cast and off we go into the world of balls, both black and white and flesh-tone.

The team practices under the watchful eye of Coach Julian Vincenzo, but new player Felix Porter is late to practice, having been stymied by management's paperwork. Of the guys who did practice, Gabriel Prince, a stunner with amazing abs, though unfortunately wearing a crooked wig not worthy of Bette Davis in her late career period (it's rare to see wigs on porn models, so it begs the question ... WHY?), heads off for a massage where of course he complains of his inner thigh to masseur Josh Lovas, who mistakes the inner thigh for the inner ass as he fingers Gabriel's hole. Spikey-haired Josh jams a lot of fingers in there, and Gabriel is fully hard by the time they are ready for sex. So, he sucks Josh's hugeness with Josh slamming away into his face. Not stopping his hip-thrusting, Josh bends over to make it a 69 of two glorious uncut cocks. Josh's exceedingly spry grinding routine comes in handy when he fucks Gabriel, making sure he gets in and out with sprinty fastness. Gabriel rides Josh to the balls with all of the heat retained and then they use the massage table for an excellent sideways fuck. But even that's not it, for it takes a solid missionary pound to get Gabriel to cum mid-fuck. Josh barely has time to rip off his condom before he's peppering Gabriel's inner thigh with his shot.

Back in the plot, Julian introduces Felix to the rest of the team, all happy to meet him. They practice for a bit, though none of these guys is going to drop from overexertion (not yet). Later on, big-eared cutie Gabor Szeles is on the field alone, jacking off into his undies when tussled James Riviera catches him. Apparently Gabor has a buyer for his stained cast-offs, so James volunteers to help him accomplish the goal. He pulls Gabor to his crotch and Gabor opens wide for lusty sucking. James also sucks hard-bodied Gabor while fingering his ass. Their oral time together is kept to a minimum as Gabor has one of Hungarian porn's best holes and James is quick to fill it. They start sideways, where James is able to get in deep and then Gabor does a huge bounce up and down on James' thickness. Gabor winds up on his head to James can fuck him downward and this mutates into a missionary position where Gabor is all crunched up and sexy. James pulls out to splash on Gabor's thigh, but when Gabor cums, it's actually on the undies promised to that paying customer.

The guys have decided to throw a party to welcome Felix to the team. Bulky Dan Johnson notes that Felix, a supremely handsome man with exquisitely sharp features, was one of his favorite players in another soccer league. Dan and host James Riviera tell Felix that the party is to test his devotion to the team and when Felix asks how he can prove it, he's thrilled to know it's with sex! Also present for the festivities are Janos Hidvegi, a short-haired handsome gent, and Albert Halmos, with a beautiful body and a tattoo on one arm and shoulder. Felix starts his team-building by blowing all of the others in a circle around him. Felix is an outstanding performer and this kind of star spot is one he always handles expertly. He does fantastic work with one in his mouth and just as well when the guys get greedy and start shoving two in there. Felix then benefits from Albert and Janos sucking and fingering him, while Dan and James suck each other. Hairy-chested Felix rides on Albert for one fuck, while Janos plugs Dan a few feet away. Felix continues to steal the scene with a sensual ace of a bouncing, while Janos does only so-so work in Dan's meaty butt. James does Dan sideways on the couch while Dan blows Janos so Albert can now slash into Felix more actively. It's that fuck that causes all the noise in the room. Felix takes one on his head from Albert, groaning in encouragement, and this position is so hot that James moves into it next. Dan and Janos are next, and now everyone has had a piece of Felix's superb ass. The guys alternate, keeping Felix's ass filled to his happy coos. When James returns, it's to level a cum-shot on Felix. The others also find space on Felix's hairy thighs for their shots before he cums. If this isn't "taking one for the team," I don't know what is! However, the party ends on a down note as Felix notes to James (bobbing and weaving) in a friendly manner, that he thinks he drinks too much for a pro athlete. James angrily tosses Felix out of his house.

Felix is right about James' drinking problem. At practice the next day he's a disaster and Felix is the hero. It's suddenly six months later. Julian tells Felix he's firing James and putting Felix in as team captain, but Felix is leery. However, some friendly groping from strapping Julian sets him right at ease. Two of Hungary's best get to share a rather tender kissing patch before licking each other all over. Naturally, Felix can't wait to get into Julian's pants for his legendary boner, which he sucks with aggressive gumption. Felix's wide eyes peer up at Julian for approval, but he's doing a super job and it's very obvious. Julian sucks Felix, also fingering him with two giant digits at the same time. With Felix's ass well prepared, Julian fucks it. After the workout of the orgy scene, we know Felix can handle just about anything, and Julian's monster cock is no exception. Julian knows it too, and gives him a grunting masculine fuck that shakes the table and everything around it. They move from missionary to sideways to Felix's ride without any let up in oomph. In fact, Felix is strongest when he's riding. I mean look at how tight his abs are as he's making sure Julian is completely in his ass! A raised-leg doggy position is Julian's most ferocious yet and this gets Felix to cum in the middle of it. Julian has an enormous load on Felix's thigh. So that's how you get to be team captain, huh?
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