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Titan Men - Mens Room III: Ozark Mtn Exit 8

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DescriptionCast:  Alex Baresi, Damien Crosse, Arpad Miklos, Brody Newport, Dane Hyde, Dillon Buck, Jack Bond, Jesse Santana, Park Wiley, Tober Brandt, Tyler Saint
Director:  Joe Gage
Screenwriter:  Joe Gage
Executive Producer:  Bruce Cam
Country:  US
Length: 2 hr 30 min
Year: 2008
Studio :  TitanMen

The uncensored Director's Cut version contains
additional content, including watersports footage.
"Award-winning director Joe Gage takes us on a totally perverse tour of the Ozark Mountains with the third installment of his sex-in-public restrooms series, Mens Room III: Ozark Mtn. Exit 8. With Joe at the helm, you can expect all types of men fucking and sucking every which way but loose.

We open on a stretch of wilderness located smack-dab in the middle of the Ozark Plateau in Arkansas. The Exit 8 men’s room used to get pretty hot and heavy with guys looking for some man-on-man action, but thanks to a crackdown by the "Perv Patrol," things quieted down for a while. But it didn't last long; much of the action just moved over to the trails out back.

The action starts with hot local sheriffs Brody Newport and Dane Hyde taking a break from patrolling the area to take a piss. As they both unleash their streams, standing side-by-side at the trough in the long-abandoned men’s room, it doesn’t take long for the two to become more interested in each other’s cocks. Just to see "if they’re the same size hard," the two spit in their hands and start jacking each other’s fast-growing cocks. Coming out of the forest, superhot Dillon Buck catches the two, who can’t wait to have him join in on the fun. Dillon unzips his pants and reveals his rock-hard monster cock. The sheriffs first take turns stroking it but before long, Brody’s on his knees taking Dillon uncut member in his mouth. Dillon’s moans encourage his new friend to swallow more and more of it until he’s got it all the way down his throat, the mere sight of which causes Dane to shoot all over his pants. Brody and Dillon quickly follow suit, shooting their loads all over each other.

Dillon smiles and says, "C’mon with me. I know a place a little bit more secluded," taking them to a picnic table where they can get to know each other further. This time, Dane services Dillon’s cock while Brody plugs Dillon's ass. Dillon returns the favor by kneeling before the hairy and rugged Dane while Brody watches and jerks off. Dane bends over the table, offering up his ass to his buddy Dane, who fucks it hard. After a good long pounding, Dillon pushes Dane aside so he can hump Brody’s hungry butt. Dillon gets behind Dane and shoves his cock in deep, the three forming a daisy fuck-chain until they all work themselves up to their second hot load. Dillon then stand over Brody and unleashes a torrent of hot piss into Brody’s mouth and all over his chest and bald head while Brody pisses all over himself.

Later on, Dillon stumbles across two hot construction workers - Alex Baresi and Jack Bond - pissing in the woods. He whips out his cock and the three engage in a contest to see who can piss the farthest. It doesn’t take long before Dillon leads the two back to the trough where he dives to his knees and stuffs Alex’s thick, uncut cock in his mouth. Jack watches from the sidelines, unzipping his fly and jerking off. Dillon quickly moves over to Jack to service his cock as well, eagerly sucking it down to his balls while Alex watches. Dillon bounces back and forth between the two throbbing cocks until the two spray their jizz; he then shoots his own load. After the three cum the first time, Dillon leads them to a construction site where he fingers Jack’s hole while Jack slurps down Alex’s cock. Dillon slips on a rubber and takes turns drilling eager bottoms Alex and Jack with his massive cock until all three each erupt a second time.

Meanwhile, two suited parole officers (Damien Crosse and Tyler Saint) are driving troubled young man Jesse Santana to court when they have to pull off the freeway so the three of them can each take a piss. As Damien and Jesse stand beside each other, unleashing their hot streams into the trough, Tyler watches from behind, stoking his own thickening cock. Unable to resist the overwhelming temptation that presents itself, Damien samples Jesse’s quickly growing prick while Tyler stands over them. He unleashes a huge stream of piss on Damien’s face and Jesse’s cock, which is plunging in and out of Damien’s hungry mouth. The action heats up to red-hot as Damien takes turns deep-throating both Jesse and Tyler’s stiff cocks. The three take turns sucking each other’s rods, working themselves up into a frenzy until all three shoot thick loads of sperm all over each other.

Two beefy campers - Tober Brandt and Park Wiley - are sitting next to each other and jerking off outside their tent when hairy stud Arpad Miklos stumbles upon the horny hunky campers. It doesn’t take long for Arpad to unzip his jeans to reveal his long, uncut cock and join in with the two. The three are joined by Dillon Buck and Jack Bond, who wander over and join in on the circle jerk. Park ups the ante by fucking himself with a dildo, and Jack follows suit, plugging a dildo up his ass as well. Arpad can’t resist tasting Dillon’s huge cock, and soon, all five pump hot, thick loads of creamy jizz.

Back at their car, Damien and Tyler finish off what they started at the trough by brutally double-penetrating Jesse in the back of their truck. Jesse first lowers himself onto Tyler’s cock and slides up and down on it for a good, long time, begging Tyler to fuck him harder and harder. Unable to resist helping out a buddy, Damien joins in from behind and sticks his cock into Jesse’s hungry ass while Tyler’s cock’s still pounding it. Jesse’s hard dick bounces up and down while he takes both cocks in his ass, until he finally gets the cum fucked out of him, blasting a volley of spunk all over Tyler’s stomach. Damien and Tyler quickly follow suit, pumping out huge loads.

Still horny (and still buck naked), Tyler heads out on the trail and spreads out a blanket, anticipating more hot man-on-man action; in no time, he’s joined by Park and Tober. Park buries his face in Tober’s massive, muscled butt. After warming it up with his tongue and then his cock, Tober returns the favor by slamming Park’s ass. The two studs are soon joined by Arpad, who starts stroking and sucking Tyler’s dick while Park and Tober fuck away right next to them. Park and Tober pull apart so they can both receive an intense fucking from Arpad and Tyler, who pound away at the studs’ muscled asses until they all shoot their loads. After they cum, Tober crouches before Tyler, Arpad and Park as the three unleash their hot piss all over his mouth and body. Tober jerks himself off and cums an astonishing third time."

Editor's note:
The sequences involving extreme buttplay, fisting, oversized toys,
and/or watersports appear only in the Director's Cut version.
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