[TIM] Dawson's 50 Load Weekend Part 2 DVD

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DescriptionThis is the complete DVD.

The response has been OVERWHELMING. Since the release of DAWSON'S 50-LOAD WEEKEND PART 1, we've been flooded with demands for the concluding half of this already world-infamous porn saga. Well gents, DAWSON'S 50-LOAD WEEKEND PART 2 has now arrived. And you're gonna be fuckin' blown away. If you think he stops at 50 loads you just don't know DAWSON!

DAWSON, the handsomest and most innocent-looking cumwhore of our time, has completely given in to his lust for manjuice his hunger for taking load after load up his fine little ass. And he's never shown off his total hunger like he does in this vid, with his fine little welcome-home nympho-hole twitchin' with anticipation whenever a loaded cock wanders into fucking distance. Some of the sperm-donating cocksmen that the insatiable DAWSON takes on in D50-LW PART 2 include Matt Walker, Kurt Kaiser, Seth Scott, Marc Short, Joe Sarge, Tom Finn, Pat Jackson, Mark Sergeant, Kevin Slater, Jace Hawk, Tony Rocco, Antonio Montez, Jack Forest and many more!

Saturday Noon Gangbang - At the end of D50-LW PART 1, Dawson was face-down and moaning as sexy Seth Scott took a turkey baster and sprayed a gallon of ball-juice up inside him. .. Now, lubed up with nature's best, Dawson's cumhole is presented to a roomful of horsemen, all of them hard and horny and ready to make deposits in the Dawson SpoogeBank. Matt Walker and SuperStuds Kurt Kaiser, Seth Scott, Joe Sarge, Marc Short and Tom Finn pass Dawson around giving his cum-dripping bootie a hard 'n' raw workout that leaves him filled to the brim and spillin' over.

Saturday Evening: in the Playroom - With his guts all slime-filled, Dawson meets up with 10-incher Kevin Slater. Ever since he saw Slater deep-porking Jerek in PLANTIN' SEED 2, Dawson had been begging to get Slater's mammoth cock up his own ass and when Dawson wants a dick, he's gonna get it. The guy has his ways. Slater is joined in this ass-pounding leather session by Mark Sergeant and Pat Jackson. The three men ride Dawson's happy rump and pop their thick juicy loads inside the poor whimpering bottom, leaving him full of more cum than ever.

Cum-Lube Warm-Up - Seth Scott's turkey baster trick shoved more spooge up Dawson's ass than most mansluts take in a lifetime. But guess what: it wasn't nearly enough for Dawson: he's ambitious! And at this point in his cum-drenched weekend, he wanted he needed! A gallon more of the baby-makin' white wigglies inside him. So one of Max's buddies brings in a cup filled to the fuckin' brim with 20 loads ( now you know what to give Dawson for his birthday! ) and uses a funnel to fill Dawson's whorehole until his guts are completely saturated with manjuice.

Last Night: Anonymous Loads - All loaded up and ready to go, the last night of Dawson's weekend two "Don't show my face" studs proceed to tag-team fuck his stretched-out cumslick breedin' hole six ways to Sunday squirting thick generous loads and leaving a sweet dizzy Dawson wondering if maybe, just maybe, he's taken on a challenge too big even for him. But never underestimate the driving lust of Dawson and his sterling-class man-cooch. It's got an itch on and it's not ever gonna stop! So, after some deep-tongue super-fine ass-rimming our guy Dawson is right back on track and raring to get more cum up his swollen gaping meat-hole.

Room for Two More - Next comes a rollicking three-way. Dawson gets fucked by mohawked punkboy Jace Hawk and handsome cub Tony Rocco. AND in a surprise turn of events, Dawson tops Tony and grinds in ball-deep before deep-sperming him, giving him a butt-full of Dawson's patented funk-juice.

Weapons - Dawson thought he was done and his cream-filled rosebud was a-throbbin' and a-whimperin' from the pounding and punishment of this load-filled dong-dodging weekend. And then. .. Max pulls out his secret ass-ault Weapons: mega-hung studs Antonio Montez and Jack Forest. He'd been saving these two giants for last. Now, it'd be real impressive to take even just one big-ol' swingin' dick the likes of these punishers. But when you've been ass-pounded and gut-punished by cock after cock after cock after cock all fuckin' weekend, well you're REALLY gonna feel it when these two badboys take turns sliding in deep, deeper, deepest. But the studs aren't concerned with Dawson's comfort level: they're strictly there to fuckin' enjoy what has to be the sweetest lil' manhole on the planet. You can tell there's just a little competition between them: Is Antonio's uncut cholo-dong going to get deeper moans out of Dawson? Or is Jack's proud goliath gonna make the bottom-slut cry and beg? Just a word of WARNING: there are some surprises in this particular scene! Max always has something up his sleeve.

DAWSON'S 50-LOAD WEEKEND PART 2 is a work of world-class smut that belongs in the porn collection of all cock-swingin' topmen and cock-worshipping, cum-craving bottoms. This one's a fuckin' winner!

Starring: Dawson, Matt Walker, Kurt Kaiser, Seth Scott, Marc Short, Joe Sarge, Tom Finn, Pat Jackson, Mark Sergeant, Kevin Slater, Jace Hawk, Tony Rocco, Antonio Montez, Jack Forest and many more.

Seed bonus warmly received.
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