♺ SuckOffGuys - Hunter’s Relief & Swallowing Tyler's Load (2 updates)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-07-20 |
SuckOffGuys - Hunter's Relief
Introducing 25 year old Hunter Oakley. He’s a really cute guy with a fantastic cock & great personality.

Hunter tells us a bit about himself including the fact that he has recently given up masturbation. He needs some relief and that’s exactly where SUCKoffGUYS.com comes in! He’s super frisky and raring to go so we get right to it.

Aaron swoops in and starts exploring Hunter’s body. Hunter is definitely a grower and his cock gets hard and huge within seconds as Aaron works him over.

Hunter likes to be a little dominant so he takes over for a bit, face fucking Aaron. Aaron is really good at sucking cock from all different positions so we get to see Hunter from all different angles.

Aaron gets some of Hunter’s pubes in his mouth and jokes that there’s blond hair flying every which way. Two hot-n-hairy, bearded, blond guys going at it is pretty fucking hot!

Hunter continues to get worked over and he’s just about ready to blow his 5-day old load. Aaron senses Hunter is about to pop and positions himself just right to catch the load.

Cum starts flowing out of Hunter’s pulsating cock right onto Aaron’s face and into his mouth. The load is really big and thick! Aaron takes Hunter’s spewing dick in his mouth and sucks out more of the load.

Hunter’s dick gets super sensitive. That doesn’t stop Aaron from trying to get more. He keeps going back for more and Hunter playfully pulls back and laughs.

This is a fantastic & fun video you won’t want to miss.

SuckOffGuys - Swallowing Tyler's Load
Tyler Beck is in the hot seat for another fantastic suck off and cum swallowing video from SUCKoffGUYS.com.

When Tyler unleashes his beast, Seth Chase drops to his knees and begins to devour the thick meat. Tyler’s cock gets hard and super thick. Seth sucks slurps and swallows every inch.

Tyler’s facial expressions are priceless as Seth finds just the right spot to bring him close so releasing his load.

Tyler indicates that he’s ready to explode. Seth positions himself to catch the juice. Tyler’s cock erupts like a high power sprinkler. Fresh warm jizz flies everywhere. What doesn’t land in Seth’s mouth, gets quickly licked up.

Seth swallows the semen, then takes Tyler’s spent cock back in his mouth. He massages Tyler’s prostate, releasing even more semen & sperm. He deep throats Tyler as the bonus cum flows straight down his throat.

Tyler is 100% drained and Seth is full of his cum. This is one cum-swallowing suck-off video you won’t want to miss!

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