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DescriptionMusclebearporn _Go Pound It On The Mountain
Daddy Will and Liam have been hiking the Appalachian Trail. On top of a 5,400 peak, they meet up in a stone fire tower overlooking TN, SC and NC. The two get it on while other hikers approach. Thick muscles, great chests, big arms, and Liam's hungry hot ass. Will loves fucking Liam's hole and there is great footage of his thick cock stretching Liam's hole til he pumps a load up inside.
This video features: solo pissing, oral, anal, internal cum shot.
Go Pound It On The Mountain 9:08

MuscleBearPorn_Breed the Pig, Feed the Daddy
Liam comes home from the a workout at the gym to the farm house where he finds Will relaxing and waiting for some service and some ass. Getting some reaquanting time in, Will and Liam enjoy some time making out and then helping Liam into the sling for some much needed hole breeding. Will buries a huge load in Liam and then eats it out of his hole before sharing a nice cum full stache with his boy.
Breed the Pig, Feed the Daddy 22:50

MuscleBearPorn_Headbanger, Assbanger
Liam lets loose at a hard rockin' concert and arrives home in the early AM hours to Will, who has stayed up late waiting for him. Will is all revved up needing some serious service and his hot lean rocker is the only thing that will satisfy. The two have a knock down hard fuck followed by a jack off busting each of their huge loads.
This film features oral, rimming, fucking, and two cum shots.
Headbanger, Assbanger 23:40

Daddy Will and Liam in a straight forward fuck film. Daddy Will is one one hell of a top fucker and never disappoints, but here in this film, well... the only title that could come to mind is "jackhammer". Liam smiles, takes it and begs for more and more.
Jackhammered 11:11

MuscleBearPorn_Loved and Loaded-1080-HQ
Daddy Will and Liam spend a wonderful late afternoon together in this unscripted film showing their deep love for each other. There is plenty of fun, hard fucking on the bench and getting bred on Daddy Will's lap. Daddy pumps a huge load up Liam's hole. When Daddy pulls out, his big load spills over daddy's thick cock and balls. Liam and Will then retire to the swing where Daddy blows yet another load.
This video features kissing, romance, sucking, fucking, internal load, cum dripping hole and a jacked off load.
Loved and Loaded 21:20

MuscleBearPorn_Oh Yeah, That's It Boy
Liam joins Daddy Will in the hot tub, both washing each other down. The scene goes romantic and the turns into a fuck and breeding session. Will pounds the cum out of Liam and keeps fucking him til he fills his tight hole deep and full. Daddy Will says this is the best film we've made so far. Enjoy!
Oh Yeah, That's It Boy (17:20)

MuscleBearPorn_Slippery When Wet
Daddy Will Angell and son Liam Angell enjoy more physical activity than just hitting the gym hard. On a day trip hike off the Appalachian Trail, dad and son take a refreshing fuck break. Dad starts lovingly and tender, but keeps on increasing the power until he pounds and rocks all the weight his musclecub blowing and breeding a great load on Liam's ass and up his fuck hole.
This video features: intimacy, kissing, oral sex, anal sex, fucking, breeding, one external / internal come shot.
Slippery When Wet 13:00

MuscleBearPorn_Used, Stretched, Fucked and Bred
The training continues...
Daddy Will takes loch into the fuck room for his second filmed training session, this one focused on loch's ass hole.
Will starts with a toy and then this hands, stretching the fuck hole and then pile driving the bottom til he is writhing and whimpering. Will milks a hands-free load out of loch just from jackhammering the hole. They switch out of the sling for a bit and then back in the sling for some more play and earning Daddy Will's seed.
This video features domination, submission, toys, hole play, fucking, one internal and one external cum shot.
Used Stretched Fucked & Bred 31:13

Musclebearporn _Whoring Liam's Holes
Liam's been studying hard, so Daddy Will calls over one of his buddies, hung stud Jake Wetmore, who REALLY knows hot to fuck a boy. The two of them get working on young Liam's tight hole, but of course Liam has to turn the tables and sink his dick in some hole too... like the big boys.
Whoring Liam's Holes 36:00

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