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♺ Jocks JVP 021 - Gold Rush Boys (MT Productions 1983)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-03-21 |
Another excellent quality DVD-rip of a legendary porn flick. This one is set in 1849 in San Francisco where all that glitters isn't gold, but what a rush!

Including five complete picture magazines: Bordello Studs, Best Little Studhouse In Town, Young & Very Hung, Boys In The Brothel and King Of The Thoroughbreds.

Truly one of the pre-condom era's all time greatest gay adult titles, this 1983 movie literally set the standard by which a lot of other flicks were made. It has truly raunchy, steamy, hardcore, pre-condom era sex, incredible camerawork and some of the biggest cumloads you may ever have seen dumped onscreen before. Huge cocks, a great storyline, romantic fuck sessions and doublecock fuck scenes ending in torrents of spunk to take your breath away.

Studio: MT Productions / Jocks JVP 021.
Cast:  Kurt Williams, Mike Braun, Ben Barker, Nick Jarrett, Joe Reeves, Rick Faulkner, Lee Adams, Jay Cole, Brian Nichols, Paul Monroe, Jim King.

Scene 1 - Bordello Studs - Mike Braun & Kurt Williams
Kurt Williams (as Jeremy Potter) signs up for a tour of duty at Mike Braun's (as Beau Kincaid) stud house. The very hairy Braun tries Kurt out to test where his talents lie. They suck each other until Kurt gets the ass fuck of his life, and a job.

Scene 2 - Ben Barker, Nick Jarrett & Rick Faulkner
In one of the stud house's rooms customer Ben Barker is sucking boys Nick Jerret and Rick Faulker at the same time. In editing that doesn't allow for smooth transitions between positions, Ben rides Rick's dick while sucking Nick and suddenly Nick is on the bottom and Rick is on the top double fucking Ben's talented hole. Nick comes and then Rick comes on the balls of the two guys beneath. Ben rises up and dumps his load on Nick's stomach

Scene 3 - Paul Monroe & Brian Nichols
Gold prospectors Brian Nichols and Paul Monroe find gold and plan on spending it at Braun's. The trouble is, just thinking about it the night before, they get so worked up they have to take out their pent up heat on each other in their tent. They 69 for a long time until Brian folds up his legs and lets Paul slip inside.

Scene 4 - Best Little Studhouse In Town - Joe Reeves & Kurt Williams
Joe Reeves (as Matt Williams) stops by for his usual, but selects Kurt's new candy ass. Joe politely lets Kurt wash the customer's dick before they get in bed for some kissing. Kurt sucks the stud erect and they snuggle up for spoon fucking with kissing. Joe's well proportioned musculature is shown in it's best light as Kurt puts his feet to the ceiling and Joe bounces around the proffered ass.

Scene 5 - Brian Nichols, Paul Monroe & Lee Adams
Finished with each other, the two prospectors stop by Braun's and take quiet blond Lee Adams (as Brad) on for a spin. Lee bends over the bed sucking Brian while Paul parts the slit in the back of Lee's one piece underwear. Paul slides his dick in the exposed hole, comes on Brad's back and probes the hole again.

Scene 6 - Young & Very Hung - Kurt Williams, Nick Jarrett & Lee Adams
Kurt Williams (Jeremy), Nick Jerrett and Lee Adams (Brad) are bored with nothing to do so they play with each other's toys. Nick offers his dick to Kurt as something to play with and Lee gives it a few sucks too. On the floor, Kurt offers himself doggie style to Nick while brad watches.

Scene 7 - Boys In The Brothel - Ben Barker & Nick Jarrett
Regular customer Ben Barker gets a frequent fucker freebie from Mike Braun and takes on Nick Jarrett again. Ben sucks enthusiastically until Nick jerks himself off. Ben cleans the messy rod with his mouth.

Scene 8 - Jay Cole Solo
Meanwhile the house is busy and Jay Cole has to wait his turn. Unfortunately he can't keep his juices down, pulls his own rod and jack himself off in the waiting room before any of the house boys are free.

Scene 9 - King Of The Thoroughbreds - Jim King, Nick Jarrett & Mike Braun
The marshall (a bearded Jim King) comes in for his payoff. Half the payment is gold and the other have is romping in bed with Mike Braun and Nick. After some initial kissing between the two bearded men, Jim sucks Mike who sucks Nick. Then it's Mike Braun on Jim on Nick. Finally, Jim fucks Braun while sucking Nick and dumps his load on Mike's hair covered ass.

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