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AVY / 24 / 5'10 / 150 / 6c - Anal
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Today Hans Peter Christian Knoll has returned and initially it was going to be a dual fuck scene with another model that ended up flaking so I knew it wasn't a big reach to get this bitch behind me with a hard on to deliver a fucking scene to beat any of his past performances and he didn't disappoint. Watch as Hans takes control of my ass and really gets in a comfort zone and fucks like a rabbit delivering an amazing anal scene... check it out!

Hans showed up at my studios as he has in the past and I had almost forgot how piercing his blue eyes were and I was immediately transformed into the horny mother fucker I usually am and wanted to jump his bones right there BUT I remained professional and invited him in and went through the usual before we got started shooting.

Hans was a pro now and knew exactly what to do and how to do it so there wasn't very much instructions I had to give this stud to handle the scene today. Hans has fucked me before but he as a timid little HIV+ bitch back then and now he's become a porn star and ran circles around his prior performances and impressed the hell out of me. Once we got past the particulars, we were in my theater room ready to go!

Hans has a decent and strong 6 inch cock, not too thick thank god, and I sucked this bitch rock hard within minutes. I didn't spend much time on his cock orally because I knew Hans was just waiting to get inside my ass. I put on the condom and within minutes I was riding this bitch like a cowboy! We went to several positions but the doggie style seemed to be the favorite for Hans as he laid into my ass with some confidence.

Then bareback... Hans fucked and breeded me like he always has and was on point today as he showed me how far he's come from the first day he came to my studios! Hans delivered 3 day nut that was built up heavy and aching to come out. His mouth was open, eyes wide open, and body tense as he blew a huge load all over the place. I sucked his load straight out of his cock.
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