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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-10-31 |
Pouring over the most recent applicants to work with us we came across York, who as it seems is aptly named but perhaps after seeing his member he should have been named "Long Island". This kid from back east sports one of the (if not the) largest cock I've ever seen. Ever. Now as slutty as I am thats a testimony eh? Enjoy this inside glimpse into the solo sex life of a very, very well hung man.

York Strokes Again
We have received more emails and inquiries about York than almost any of our newest recruits in the last several years. In addition to being cute and built York has a special gift..er a very special gift. I loved admiring it so much that when I went to find a tape measure to see just "how big" was big, I wasnt satisfied that it would do an altogether adequate job. So.... out came the foot long level! You'd need a foot long bandage if York were to ever pork ya..huh? Enjoy!
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