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Wrestling- Naylor vs Douglas

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DescriptionHot match. KO finisher.

"You Ready for a Friendly Match?"

We'll say this much for Richie Douglas, the boy's got heart. When the nubile newbie first stepped into the world of wrestling by stepping up to the challenge of one Austin Cooper, in his debut match no less, we knew we were about to see some relentless rookie wrecking, and boy did we! By the end of his first match, Richie was left a broken mess of battered muscles and bruised bones. Austin's ab assaults left the overconfident challenger unable to stand and barely able to breathe by the 15 minute mark, but Cooper just kept piling on the punishment.

No one would have been surprised, disappointed perhaps, but not surprised, if the poor guy had decided to quietly retire from the ring for the sake of his health, but luckily the former quarterback isn't one to disappoint the fans. He's been focused on his recovery, and as soon as he felt he was back in fighting shape he came back for round two. He did request an opponent reasonably close to his size for this match though, and we have obliged, but only to savor the sight of Richie's excruciating revelation when he realizes that real BG East wrestlers don't need size to make you regret stepping on these mats without the sadistic edge to survive in their world.

When Richie returned from his debut beating with an unbroken spirit, it was clear Ray Naylor was just the man to humble this seemingly unshakeable athlete. Ray's wiry frame belies the wily, even cruel wrestler hidden within those taut muscles. His wrestling is relentless at best, sadistic at worst, and vicious at all times. Coming off of bouts with bigger men who cried out as Ray clawed and stretched their muscled bodies to their limits, the unassuming scrapper has been searching for a fresh piece of meat he can really sink his teeth into, and he can't help but smile when he gets his first look at the tasty, muscular hunk waiting for him on the mats.

We first glimpse little Richie stretching out those toned, athletic muscles on the mat. Faint veins line his sculpted upper body as this visual definition of a clean-cut, scholastic wrestler prepares for his next challenge. Dressed in a delicious red singlet and shorts, the adorable jock has no idea how perfectly he personifies the ideal BG East jobber. "Wow" is the first word out of Ray's mouth and how can you blame him? He sizes up the stud, asking if Richie's ready to get this "friendly" match underway, quietly adding "hopefully not too friendly."

Ray is caught in more holds as Richie keeps slipping out of his, the heel tears at the straps on the babyface's singlet but only manages to bare that impressively toned torso. Panting, slick with sweat, and on his knees, Ray's viciousness finally pays off as he lands a surprise kick square to the young jock's bright red bulge. Richie collapses to the mat, moaning in agony, and Ray is there to capitalize. More ab shots keep the stud down as he's stripped of his singlet and down to a golden speedo. Knees, elbows, and fists are ground into his neck and jugular until his world is spinning and he lies choking on the mat. Demure, unassuming Rays is gone, replaced by a true sadist who uses scissors and blatant chokes to keep the new guy crawling on the mat.

Richie fights back hard, his skill catching the dangerous heel time and again, but he begins to wear down under the endless brutality. Ab shots bring back painful memories of his first crushing defeat, direct blows to his balls leave him gasping for air, and it's all he can do to trap Ray in precious few submission holds of his own. Can the fledgling wrestler's skill turn the tide and put down the hardened fighter before Ray does enough damage to drop little Richie to the mat for good? Neither man gives an inch as sweat and muscle reach every corner of the mat as they struggle for victory, but in the end one of them is decisively dominated and forced to succumb to his better.

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