Body Prod - Garage

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distributor Body Prod
released 1998
length 87 
Attila (Syorsy)  Deax (Gyorgy Lovas)  Endre (Laszlo Rab)  Gyorgy  Horvath (G. Lucca)  Laszlo (Ricardo Neston)  Levente (Milos Csaba)  Pal (Serge Timar)  Tamas (Novak)
Levente and Pal work in a very friendly car repair shop, where repairs take a back seat to hot sex between horny men! While looking under the hood to begin repairs, Levente can't keep his hands off Pal and gropes Pal's butt. Pal stops working to kiss Levente, which causes Levente to remove his shirt and get sucked by Pal. Next, Levente tops Pal over the car's fender, then they do it doggy style on the garage floor. In another part of the city, Attila's car has broken down by the roadside. He takes a wank break to look at pictures of his girlfriend which gets him excited. He whips out his dick and jacks off in the car seat. Back to the repair garage, Laszlo, dressed in grimy overalls, arranges surplus gas cans. His co-worker Gyorgy works in the crawl space under a car supported by a hydraulic lift. Horvath shows up and starts to make out with Laszlo (perhaps to get his car repair bill lowered!). Gyorgy watches from the crawl space, and seeing that it's break time, joins in to make it a 3-way. Horvath blows both dicks one after the other, then Gyorgy tops Horvath who continues to suck Laszlo. Laszlo then lays back to impale Horvath on his dick while Horvath sucks Gyorgy. The shift changes, and Levente returns from earlier, now shirtless and cleaning a wheel rim. Levente notices Deax admiring him from afar, so he offers his dick to him and Deax goes down on it eagerly. Finally, Tamas gets tired of working on a car and approaches Endre at his desk in the corner of the garage. Tamas sucks Endre, licks his butt, then endre tops him. so check your car's warrantee - it could be tune-up time for you too.

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