Island Studs - Kawika 3

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No cumshot in this video.

Kawika arrived for the shoot both nervous and excited with his new puppy, Seesaw. The video of this short (5'4"), 21 year old Local Boy is a great document of our first time together. You hear him speaking in his native pigeon (Hawaiian/English dialect) throughout the shoot. He shyly states that he has not decided if he wants to show "da front" to my cameras. As I help him relax he is soon standing full frontal before me, boldly stating that his front is so much bigger when it is hard. He is Right On! I have included the lengthy sequence in which Kawika seems to almost study every page of an straight porno magazine I left in the studio. The camera captures his dick growing with out him touching it!
2020-09-12 07:31:48
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